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Visiting Pilots

Glider pilots visiting from overseas, interstate or at other Queensland clubs are always welcome at Caboolture Gliding Club. We generally fly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with the club two seat and single seat gliders available to appropriately qualified pilots, subject to a site check flight and at the duty instructor’s discretion. To ensure that your visit is enjoyable all around, please make contact via our contacts page in advance of your planned visit.

Pilot visiting from another Australian club

With evidence of your GFA and club membership – and flying experience, of course – you are welcome to fly with Caboolture Gliding Club at our usual member rates for aerotow and glider hire. The only requirement is that you settle each day’s flying fees on a pay-by-the-day basis – paid by credit card or cash at the flight line.

Pilot visiting from overseas

International visitors, who are members of an approved international gliding organisation or have an international gliding licence, are required to take up temporary membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia before they can fly with any Australian gliding club. International visitor membership can be purchased in one month blocks via the GFA website. There is no limit to the number of blocks purchased or how often these are purchased.

For details go to GFA at https://glidingaustralia.org/member-services/membership

With your GFA temporary membership and evidence of your home club membership or glider pilot licence, you can fly with us on a pay-by-the-day basis – pay each day’s flying fees by credit card at the flight line.

Our Aircraft fleet

Two seaters
Single Seater
Aircraft fleet - two seater

Two L13 Blaniks (basic training aircraft)


One IS-28 (intermediate training aircraft)


One IS-30 (intermediate training aircraft)


One Twin Astir (advanced training aircraft)


Aircraft fleet - Single Seater

Club Libelle (15 meter wingspan)


Aircraft fleet - Our tug

Piper Pawnee towplane



Flight details/charges - from 1-Jan-2020

Glider Hire = $1.15 per min.  Aero-tow = $15.0 flag fall + $2.50 per 100 feet (minimum charge = $27.00 per aero-tow).

Details of individual flights taken and their respective charges are updated during the month (as soon as possible after each flying day) in the Secure Members Area of the CGC website.  CGC policy is that Member Flying Accounts must be retained in credit balance at all times.

 Pre-solo pilots are billed weekly at member rates relative to each Friday/Saturday/Sunday of flying with payment due BEFORE the following Friday. As an ongoing (post-solo) member of CGC your flying costs will thereafter be invoiced monthly at member rates.

 Payments for flight charges are required to be paid by Members into the Club’s bank account via direct deposit.

(Bendigo Bank: BSB 633-000.  Acc No: 131727182).