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 There are no age restrictions for members of the Caboolture Gliding Club, however pilots are not permitted to fly solo prior to their 15th birthday. The membership fee structure covers Club requirements as well as compulsory membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia.

Membership Responsibilities

The Club runs on a "co-operative" basis with all members being expected to play their part in ensuring that flying operations run smoothly and safely to the benefit of all. To this end, members are placed on duty rosters according to their stage of progress and time availability. Duty Rosters are maintained for Duty Instructors, Instructors, Air Experience Instructors, Duty Pilots and Tug Pilots.

Membership Fees

 cgc fees

Student/Youth Membership

"Youth" = under 18 years. "Student" = under 26 years and a student (minimum 20 hours per week).

Family-Flying Membership

Family members can fly as a Private Passenger at any time, but if they decide they would like to take gliding a little further they can take out a Flying Family Membership. The cost of this flying membership is $60 per year and the rights and privileges are very similar to those of an Air Experience Flight - they can receive instruction but no pilot-in-command rights, no solo, they must fly with an instructor to touch the controls and they must be a member of Caboolture Gliding Club.


Flight details/charges - from 1-Jan-2020

Glider Hire = $1.15 per min.  Aero-tow = $15.0 flag fall + $2.50 per 100 feet (minimum charge = $27.00 per aero-tow).

Details of individual flights taken and their respective charges are updated during the month (as soon as possible after each flying day) in the Secure Members Area of the CGC website.  CGC policy is that Member Flying Accounts must be retained in credit balance at all times.

 Pre-solo pilots are billed weekly at member rates relative to each Friday/Saturday/Sunday of flying with payment due BEFORE the following Friday. As an ongoing (post-solo) member of CGC your flying costs will thereafter be invoiced monthly at member rates.

 Payments for flight charges are required to be paid by Members into the Club’s bank account via direct deposit.

(Bendigo Bank: BSB 633-000.  Acc No: 131727182). 

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