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2013 John Sharman Award 




Kevin Rodda
A major point of business at today's AGM was the announcement of the third annual John Sharman Award for outstanding “quiet achiever” service to the club. The previous recipients are John Clayton and Speedy Gonsalves, exalted company indeed. So who did the committee deem worthy of recognition this year?


Kevin in the festive spirit while conducting "Older & Bolder" air experience flights 2012.
It was not the whole committee which decided, as seven out of the eight agreed among themselves that the events of the year (the financial strain of so many non-flying days, so much tug maintenance expense, and the sad passing of our bookkeeper Austin Miller) would have been much worse but for the efforts of one member whose shoulders bore the burden almost alone.


Please join us in applauding Kevin Rodda ... the new custodian of the Blanik Trophy.

But not for long! The bemused smile on Kevin Rodda's face shows how honoured he feels to be in such company       

And an exalted company it is - Kevin joins John Clayton and Bernard Gonsalves as tireless "quiet achievers"    
Garrett Russell

The John Sharman Quite Achiever Award was introduced by the Committee in 2011 to recognise individual members who contribute significantly to the running of the Club without seeking recognition or praise. 




"the original quiet achiever"


 John Richard Sharman

"the original quiet achiever"

 15-Nov-34 to 24-May-09

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