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Caboolture Gliding Club

Soar like an eagle on silent wings in a friendly, cooperative club atmosphere from our base at Caboolture Airfield on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast. New members and visitors are always welcome.

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 2012 Sharman Award


Bernard Gonsalves somewhere above the airfield in his K14 motorglider.
At the Club's AGM today, Bernard "Speedy" Gonsalves was announced as the very worthy recipient of the John Sharman "Quiet Achiever" Award for 2012.  
Speedy continues to provide incredible support to the Club and its members by way of maintenance and repair work on our gliders and the Pawnee tug ... required work that is often identified by him and performed expertly before anyone else realises that there is work to be done. His efforts quite often have our aircraft back at the flight line much earlier than they would have been had he not jumped in to complete the work or to assist Bert Persson, Lindsay Mitchell and others in completing the work.
He is extremely modest and unassuming as he goes about this work. Most members would not be aware of the significant amounts of materials that he donates to the club in addition to the time that he so generously puts in. He is truly one of our most productive "Quiet Achievers" and is a well liked and respected member of the Club.
It is rather ironic that, when the award was put into place last year, it was Speedy who eagerly assisted Garret Russell and David Guzzwell (the Blanik model assembler) in making the trophy!
Unfortunately, Speedy was unable to be at the AGM to accept the award today as he was attending a big reunion weekend with mates from his hang gliding days at Canungra.
 Well done Speedy, and a big "thank you" on behalf of the Club and its members!


Lindsay Mitchell with Garrett Russell (accepting the award on behalf of Speedy).

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The John Sharman Quite Achiever Award was introduced by the Committee in 2011 to recognise individual members who, like John Sharman, contribute significantly to the running of the Club without seeking recognition or praise. 




"the original quiet achiever"


 John Richard Sharman

"the original quiet achiever"

 15-Nov-34 to 24-May-09

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