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 3hrs 18mns and not one cloud!


The Duty Crew of Peter Stephenson (Duty Instructor), Kevin Rodda (Air Experience Instructor), Dan Kershaw (Tug Pilot) and Alan Graham (Duty Pilot) were "aided and abetted" by Ben Findley, Lindsay Mitchell and David Higgs as we prepared the Twin Astir (IKW), the Blanik (GYK) and the Pawnee (SPA) for flying this morning.

With very little wind prevailing, the Blanik was launched at 9:12 from RWY06 to land on RWY12 where we set up the flight line for the day. That was the first of four training flights that Ben flew with Peter today.

Lindsay was in the hangar working on the Libelle when he commented that he would like to take "a flight some time today".

Welcome back to gliding Lindsay! ... (a damaged shoulder, a knee operation, finalising the hangar construction, as well as completing maintenance work on our gliders certainly can keep you away from flying time). 

So David and I twisted his arm and sent Lindsay off in the Twin Astir at 10:12 (also from RWY06) with a brief that said ... "the Twin isn't required until 11.00 so don't hurry back"! But alas, he was back on terra firma in 16 minutes proving that the blue sky was very blue for a reason (no lift).

David Higgs and Lindsay Mitchell

With the flight sheet in the pie-cart (which was already over at RWY12 by then), we did a test run of a newly devised flight departure time recording system ... 

By 10:45 Ben had already clocked up three training flights with Peter and our first AEF passenger Amy Luchterhand had arrived for her 11:00 am booking. With the sky showing little sign of improvement we deliberately held off until 11:23 before launching (after we had seen a few birds trying to thermal over the airfield). We were back after 30 minutes of fun in air that was as smooth as a baby's bum with just enough lift to make it interesting ... however a flight that was thoroughly enjoyed by Amy ...

Amy Luchterhand and Kevin Rodda

Amy's in-flight selfie

Amy's shot of the view from the front seat of IKW

Bernard (Speedy) Gonsalves was next away in his K6 (GSR) at 11:40 followed by CFI David Higgs continuing the AEF Instructor rating training with Alan in the Twin at 12:30 ... the result being a congratulatory hand-shake from the CFI when they returned ... well done and well deserved Alan!

Alan Graham with David Higgs

Ben then took a fourth training flight with Peter before Peter and David teamed up to take the hangar flight in GYK.   

I then took our second AEF passenger Mitchell Willemse up in the Twin at 1:48 pm for a similar result to Amy's flight (28 minutes) ... also enjoyed by Mitchell who is considering joining CGC ...

Mitchell Willemse being assisted by Peter Stephenson with Kevin Rodda in the rear seat

and all smiles after arriving back from an enjoyable flight

Alan then very generously took Mitchell's mum Sam as his passenger on the IKW hangar flight to finish the day's flying.

Dan Kershaw and Ben Findley

Back in the hangar ... Lindsay was at work on the Libelle ...

Peter was very proud of his candid shot of Lindsay!

... and a glider wing can come in very handy for important tasks such as après-AEI rating paperwork ... Alan had not stopped smiling ...

David Higgs and Alan Graham

And, as for the title of this report ... Speedy had been seen in the local airspace a few times in the K6 during the afternoon before arriving home after a 3 hours  and 18 minutes flight with not one cloud in the sky ... we were all suitably impressed and very jealous ...

Bernard (Speedy) Gonsalves

Today's stats:

GSR 1 flight for 3:18

GYK 5 flights for 0:37

IKW 5 flights for 1:44

Total 11 flights for 5:39

Kevin Rodda



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