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Friday Flying


As Bob Hainsworth said upon returning from a short flight in GYK, ‘This is madness!’ and we all tended to agree with his summary of the situation. We had set up on 24 after a leisurely preparation at the hangar was complete and walked gliders all the way to the other end where we were soon joined by SPA in John Knox’s capable hands. Tony Sorensen, our sole L2, took himself there too to see what the day held.


Being on 24 should indicate that it was windy - as if you would need to be told if you were in SE Qld today. The trouble was that the wind could not settle on either 24 or 30 and, eventually, John decided SPA would return to 30 so thence we followed. The other trouble was that the wind on 30 picks up lots and lots of dust which we had to confront every time the wind gusted. Perhaps someone will have the time to dust the windows and sweep the dust out of the van tomorrow?


Shane Tuck and Bob were at work early attending to wheels with flat tyres – they were taken to a helpful retailer for the best of his second hand to be fitted, so we had a full complement of retrieves. As Bob noted they discovered water sloshing about in the wheel well of the Ford. Tony suggested all we needed was the goldfish for the pond that resulted but that is now irrelevant.


Barry Collins observed that we had been too busy to take any photos and the only one taken by then was Kevin Rodda’s photo of our new member, Mark Morwood. Maybe some will appear as if by magic?


The day’s flying activities commenced with Ken Mitchell’s check flight in IKW and John Nestor’s departure in JY for the flight of the day at 54 mins. That was before SPA prompted us to move to 30. Once there, Barry Collins continued his flights with Tony acting as AEF/ab initio as the mood took him while Paul Breslin continued with his training flights in the turbulent conditions. A thankyou is owed to our tuggies and our instructor, Tony.


Mark Morwood had two flights with Kevin but Ken and Shane both decided they had plenty to keep them occupied and did not need to take their flights despite offers of a glider available. Thus, we ended our day with nine flights: five of them in IKW for 11.46; three for GYK for 1 hour and JY’s single flight. John towed the Libelle back to the hangar about 3.30 when we moved everything back from the flight line.


After the storm last night, we needed the plank which we last used two weeks ago on 30. At that time, Garrett Russell and John went back to 30 to retrieve the plank and replace the cone we had moved. The plank appeared to have disappeared but, lo and behold, it was there when we returned to 30 today. Magic! It was very useful of it but we retrieved it while we could find it and it is back home in the van.


May the weather gods be kind to the weekend crew. Stay safe


Judith, on behalf of the Friday crew




As an addendum to Judith’s comprehensive and interesting report of the gusty Friday just flown the following pics have, as she surmised, magically appeared.


Driving through the main airfield entrance gate at 0730 I was greeted by our ever reliable Pawnee, SPA, scheduled NDT successfully completed, parked and appearing eager to take her gliding friends into the beautiful blue sky ove rhead. 


  Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:CGC Ops Fri 30/09/16:SPA Post NDT 30/09/16.jpg 


  SPA ready and eager to fly.


As she patiently waited the arrival of her driver this optimistic aviator headed out onto the field to check the runways condition following the heavy rain overnight. There was never going to be a problem in that regard with any surface water being rapidly evaporated with the assistance of the strong and gusty southwesterly wind. The airfield forest denizens aerodrome inspection team at the R06 threshold were unanimous in their recommendation that the gliding dudes would be in a for a long tow to the other end of the field


Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:CGC Ops Fri 30/09/16:Roos at R06 Threshold.jpg


YCAB Aerodrome Inspectors.


After setting up Ops at R24, a couple of launches followed, followed by a mandatory change to R30 to join the rest of the YCAB traffic. The wind gusts had increased in intensity with the direction ‘settling’ on a northwesterly average. The wind was kicking up a sandstorm that would have had Lawrence of Arabia heading for cover from the Khamsin, notwithstanding that it was not a southerly.. Indeed, the CGC piecart was the place most non-flying members were heading for to escape the flying red dust. I can’t recall the last time I actually ate a cup of coffee!


Plenty of back to back flying in both gliders proved once again the stoicism of the by now very gritty [ pun intended ] Friday crew.


Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:CGC Ops Fri 30/09/16:Busy R30 flight line - IKW launch / GYK retrieve.jpg


IKW launching – GYK retrieving


Look carefully at this last pic and you will see IKW in the capable hands of Kevin Rodda on final approach to R24 after treating our newest member, Mark Morwood, to an instructional tour of available YCAB landing options in the gusty, changeable conditions extant.

Mark enjoyed the flight so much that he joined the GFA and CGC on the spot prior to launching on a second scintillating soaring flight with KJR. Welcome to this great club Mark.



Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:CGC Ops Fri 30/09/16:IKW approach R24.jpg


IKW on final approach to R24


So, that’s it for pics from Friday. Judith’s terrific report really says it all.




For Judith and the Friday Crew


30 September 2016



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