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Sunday Flying



After a run-in with the old 'Cancel Alarm/Snooze- swipe left or right technology' chestnut my day was off to a ripper start but so were the sky conditions so I couldn't let that slow me down.


Turning up for the official duties were John Ashford (Duty Instructor), Kevin Rodda (AEI), Rory Reardon (Tug). Tony Sorensen also made an welcome appearance to fill out our official ranks.


With sky conditions looking favourable and winds, while a little turbulent, conveniently placed for a day on runway 06, Sunday's crew was buoyed for the day ahead.

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Kevin was the first up, tempted by the cloud that had built up. All in vain however he returned shortly later to report little/no lift in the places you would expect.


Still encouraged by the potential as the sun was still providing the heat, a bit more time in the oven perhaps? 


In addition to today's passengers we had welcome appearances from members Jim Thompson and Peter Wier up for the challenge


The AEF flights commenced with Paul Goldstein​​; Mark Goves' family came along to watch Mark take flight with Tony for a 35min flight in the scratchy lifting conditions; the Kisbalasz family saw Andrew and Andrea enjoy their first taste of true flying with very positive feedback from instructor and passenger alike.


It was interesting to note on the day that some of our passengers come along with very innate abilities to handle basic aircraft manoeuvres despite having little or no previous experience so well done all. 

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As if things weren't busy enough for the rookie duty pilot, it turns out that someone had scheduled a 'Wheels and Wings' day at Caboolture field which basically turned Caboolture into some kind of mini air show so we were treated to the sight (and sound) of some great aviation icons.


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Ah gyro-copters....I'll never understand why.


Inline image 6



As the 'airshow' slowly tapered off and the circuit was left to the regular flyers we were able to fit in some flights in between AEF flights and well into the afternoon. Flight times were slowly increasing, a good omen.


Conditions peaked around lunch, proving timing was key to success (and a bit of luck) when John Ashford and myself took to the sky to score 40mins in a positive thermal just east of the field by around 2nm over some shiny silver sheds and open fields. Flight of the day and I finally got into some thermal action after months of consecutive sink days! It was but a taste but one to savour.


Arriving back to a chorus of disbelief in the conditions I relinquished the location of our bounty and managed to convince Jim Thompson to head up again. Alas, the lifting beast was fickle - all the shiny sheds and fields in town could offer were beacons of what might have been.


The wind was starting to get up so the last few flights were for furthering the training of Peter and myself in the Blanik, with some circuits and a simulated tow failure on take-off.


The sum of today was 13 flights:


GYK - 8 flights - 2hrs 8mins

GQA - 5 flights - 1hr 40mins 


The Blanick was definitely the glider to be in today though.



Operationally speaking - we had some problems with two batteries used for the Blanik today, both depleting rapidly. We're not sure if there's a problem on the aircraft side or the battery side at this point so it will need further investigation.



All in all though, a challenging day in the air and on the ground and a great effort from everyone involved to help run the day. Thanks again for your attendance and assistance.


Inline image 10

(Rory enjoying a well earned break from Tug duties)


Dale Smith






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