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Friday Flying



17 flights on a hot and windy day could be considered generally tiring, but at least one of the Friday crew was totally tyred out by the end of the day.



Lost in the knot of heads gathered here around the Blanik tailwheel is the furrowed brow of Jim Thompson. He was attending to his second flat tyre of the day, and the gliders hadn’t left the hangar apron yet!



By last launch at about three o’clock, Jim had attended to a hefty handful of tyre pressure, tyre rim and associated problems, and all for just one 20 minute flight shared with Judith Smith. But Jim agreed with the rest of those gathered at the Golden Wings Crew Lounge for the now traditional Friday debrief that it was a very good day.



Mark Morwood’s photo sums it up: three club gliders in use and rarely all on the ground at the same time.


The Blanik was mostly on training or check flights: three each for Mark and Richard Thresher with instructors Tony Sorensen and Garrett Russell.


Paul Breslin also did three training flights in the IS-30 with duty instructor Barry McCarthy, finishing with a neat landing on the day’s last flight to set himself up nicely for a week of intense flight training at Lake Keepit. Fly well down there, Paul!



GQA also saw service in a shared flight for Arthur Mailey and Barry Collins, solo flight for Ken Mitchell and on the day’s one passenger flight.



B2’s family friend Chris Bengston left the field with a big smile and happy memories of one of three two seater sorties in the 40 minute range: 40 exactly for the Chris and Barry, 42 for Richard and Garrett and 48 for Mark and Tony.


Kevin Rodda also got 43 minutes from a self launch in his Atlas GHG, making it a total of four gliders in the air, while undoubted flight of the day went to John Nestor in the Club Libelle: 1:38 from the third launch of the day.


Obviously from the times above there was plenty of lift about in the morning but it didn’t last long once the sea breeze sent us from RWY30 back to 06 about midday. Bob Hainsworth got only 17 minutes in GJY at around the same time Jim and Judith got their 20 minutes in GYK and Ken got 19 minutes on his solo in GQA.


The rest of the afternoon was entirely training flights, and all of them short.


Stats for the day:

GQA 7 flights 2:30

GYK 7 flights 2:22

GJY 2 flights 1:55

GHG 1 flight 0:43


And back in the hangar, Barry Collins realised that he has a very good claim to priority in flying CQC once it’s back in the air. See, it’s got his name on it:



Isn’t that right, B2?






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