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 Hat-trick Sunday  



From: Michael Moloney  
Date: Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 11:34 AM
Subject: Sunday at YCAB - Hat Trick Sunday

On my way to the field on Sunday I thought what a lovely day to go flying. But nobody else did it seems. Just myself, Bruce Nail as duty pilot and Dan Kershaw in the tug.


There was, however, a minor draw card over at Watts Bridge, not to mention a certain Bridge To Brisbane, but whos counting.


Barry McCarthy arrived a bit later to lend a hand to a sparse duty crew. Thanks so much Barry. It was really appreciated you thought of us and came to help out.


We had two AEFs for the day into a sky that was capped by a winter high which saw us capped also at about 1,500ft 2,000ft.


I took the first flight with Nikki, who had flown some years back and was enjoying a gift from her brother.


We had a nice 24min flight in the Caboolture winter skies with bubbles everywhere but nothing workable.


This, unfortunately, was to be the theme for the day.



Its not very often that L2s get to take air experience flights, so Barry availed himself of the opportunity to take Jamie Cartwright for the second flight of the day. Again, bubbly conditions brought them down 23 mins later.



And that was that for the rest of the day.



So with absolutely no interest from club members, Barry and I took another rare opportunity for a couple of instructors to go flying together.


But alas, same story saw us back on runway 06 for an early pack up at 2.30pm for a three flight hat trick.


But not before we spied Bert in his Atlas, who had disappeared for a while to chase some allusive cues out west.


And we cant close off without thanking both Bert and Speedy for their tireless and continuing work on the IS28, which we will see back in the air in the not too distant future.


For those of you who have not flown the 28 yet, you are in for a treat.


So just a couple of things to think about:


If you are a student, these are perfect days for training.


Other club members who like to go soaring might not be there. This gives you the run of the flight line and the undivided attention of the instructors.


The conditions were light and easy to fly in. This allows you to focus on your lessons without the extra load of heavy winds and conditions. That will come later.


If you are solo and need a check flight, they are much easier to fit in.


So thanks to the duty crew for what was a nice but quiet day's flying.


Stats for the day:


IKW 3 flights   65min.


B2 (Barry Collins) and his dad dropped by to say g'day on their way home from the Brisbane Valley Air Show at Watts Bridge. It has been a busy weekend for the both of them and they indicated that they were on their way home for a brewsky or two!

Mick Moloney


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