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Hi Aviators.

 Well,  compared to Saturday's mid morning thunder storm. Sunday was relatively well behaved.


Duty Instructor: David Higgs, Instructors: Kevin Rodda, Tony Sorenson, Tug Pilot: Dan Kershaw. AEI Kevin Rodda.

 Club Attendees.

Eric, Louise and Aleks Pozorski and Bernie Gonsalves AKA Speedy. ( I dropped Speedy off at the hangar, and he was back at the pie cart when I arrived back  with the AEF ensemble). That's why we call him Speedy.


We  launched from 06 for the first two flights. GYK with Tony and Aleks. Then David and Speedy in CQC for Speedy's AFR. A mere formality. Speedy is a true BP. Quiet achiever. Well done.


Quickly loaded up the rest of the Gypsy caravan for the trek to runway 12.  (I am working on a crocked chimney)


Tried to set up the portable shade, but unfortunately had trouble with the frame, which is sad.

Fortunately we had a couple of members who had experience with some Girl Guides and were able to jury rig a great shade area using available fence posts and trees along the fence line.

Great job. Well done.


Late morning recorded the longest flights with our AEF's being the lucky flyers.


Bert and his lovely Lady arrived mid morning. Sorry I don't know her name. But what a great woman to talk to talk to.


Business Now.



Mandy Bliss and wife Reghan. Reghan bought the flight for Mandy's birthday. Check the smile on Mandy's face upon landing. 47 minutes. Vowed to return. Regan spent her time waiting, discussing motor bikes and Big Rigs and her future ambitions with the crew. Welcome back anytime.


Theodore Jones 14th Birthday present present. What an amazing family. Mum, Dad four boys. Theo thoroughly enjoyed his experience. We Invited the family to stay, but they were going to Bribie for a swim. Couldn't blame them. 29 Minutes.


Harry O'Connor is a cadet in training and was a treat to talk to. Was so happy to learn David was an instructor and would be on camp with him. For a young man he asked

very sensible questions far beyond his young years. Good luck. 22 Minutes


Bob Leith had a AEF early in September and came back for another. He enjoyed himself and stayed to help hangar the aircraft. Would like to extend a club welcome should he wish to join the club. 23  Minutes.



Total of nine flights.

GYK 58 minutes. CQC 138 Minutes.



Best Regards

B Double





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