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 Three runway Saturday  


From: Garrett Russell  
Date: Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 7:30 AM
Subject: Three Runway Saturday for CGC
To: CGC Members

Forecast to be atmospherically similar to Friday, Saturday was quite a different day for the CGC crew. 

While there was still some bouncing off the ceiling, Saturdayís seven training flights, two AEFs, one F/F and one private solo were a very different mix from Fridayís mainly mutuals. And we flew them from three different runways: 06 for first launches, 12 for the morning and 24 for the afternoon lift.

Squint tightly for a view from the 12 flight line of IKW launching with the first AEF from 06 

The clear morning sky was perfect for Ben Findley to fly pre-solo training circuits in, with fairly light traffic of powered touch-and-goes mixed with the occasional departure for Watts Bridge. We missed getting close up to the Mustang so youíll have to settle for this:

The difference between the morning and afternoon soaring conditions is as clear as the sky in Lindsay Mitchellís two AEF times: forty minutes from the first launch at 11:20 and two minutes over an hour from the second launch at 12:33.

Around the same time, Ben scored his first full hour in the air as he also felt what itís like to bounce off the ceiling from every climb!

What bouncing off the ceiling looks like in the back of the Blanik (not Blank!)

Bob Turner also got around the hour mark in his Libelle VH-GCP, having tested his new one-man rigging system for the first time in field conditions, and Lindsay took duty instructor Garrett Russellís family friend from Friday up for a return flight. 

But the rest of the afternoon was about training first and soaring second, as new members Steve and Nicky Taylor each took two flights with Tony Sorensen and Garrett. All launched by our faithful tuggie Karl Bodi.

The day ended with flying times of 2:52 for GYK and 1:57 for IKW, last landing just three minutes before five, and paperwork completed by torchlight. A big day for a small crew!
Garrett Russell


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