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Saturday Flying




 Our optimistic Duty Instructor, Peter S., sent an email about 0830 saying there were showers around but the field was dry.   He was right at the time but 60 minutes later he couldn't have been further wrong.


The duty crew all reported in on time.   L2 Peter Stephenson, AEI Neil Muspratt, Tug Pilot Karl Bodi and DP Rod Wilson.  Tony Sorensen also couldn't keep away from YCAB.      Bernie Barry, aka B Double, and I were at the field to do some urgent repairs to the piecart chassis.   As the weather didn't look good we only moved the tug to allow us to get the piecart out for the repairs.


Soon after 0900 Peter could see there was little hope of flying as the clouds had closed in and the booked pax had cancelled so Rod departed followed soon after by Tony after we returned SPA to the safety of the hangar.   B Double had set up his welder and tools when the rain started.

Inline image

It didn't just start.   It came in buckets. Inline image Inline image

Inline image
The local natives thought it was bath time.  A plover had a great bath and a couple of skippies came to check the safety of the hangar but finding us there returned to the wet.


It continued for over an hour and tested Arthur's spa tank and the drainage.  Arthur had been concerned that there was sufficient fall for the water to flow to the creek after it leaves the pipe outlet.   No worries. The water did bank at the vehicle culvert but soon cleared after the heavy rain stopped. 

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Inline image
Inline image

After well over an hour of the very heavy downfall it eased enough for B Double to complete his repairs.   As well as welding the chassis break and a second crack Peter helped him insert some steel plates under the vinyl and also on the underside of the floor.    The floor is now stable but could require more bracing to stabilise it long term. Inline image


We do have a problem with the hangar when we get very heavy rain with considerable wind.  The rain falling from the doors onto the concrete strip is blown under the doors into the hangar.  Thankfully it's not a regular occurrence but there isn't an easy fix. Inline image

  Have Safe Fun Flying.





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