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 Bouncing off the ceiling Friday


From: Garrett Russell
Date: Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 10:41 PM
Subject: Bouncing Off The Ceiling Friday at CGC
To: CGC Members

Today’s RASP promised a golden glow to soaring at Caboolture - better for us than for Gympie, Kingaroy and Darling Downs - but little did the Friday flyers expect that conditions would have us bouncing off the ceiling just about all day long. 

That is exactly what the crews of almost every flight did today, from when the lift kicked in at around 11:00 all the way through until the last epic launch just after 16:00.

We bounced off the ceiling, repeatedly pulling airbrakes and diving to avoid airspace infringements at 3,500’, at 4,500’, and we subsequently heard of at least one flight at Gympie doing the same thing at close to 12,500’. And that was also after four in the afternoon. In August!

The early atmosphere was more of what optimists would call “good training conditions” and they were put to good use by John Nestor, refining his back seat flying with duty instructor Barry McCarthy while the rest of the crew waited patiently in the shade by the pie cart. And when the sky tide turned late morning, the charge was led by Judith Smith and Arthur Mailey, setting the flight of the day mark at 1:07 in GYK.

Meanwhile Barry Collins gave his dad Austin an early Father’s Day gift with a half hour in IKW, cut short deliberately to allow others to share the joy and Collins Senior and Junior to head off early for a big boys’ weekend of beachside BBQs and the Watts Bridge Air Show.

Garrett Russell took family friend Antoinette up in the Blanik for 48 minutes of multiple climbs, cut short only by a touch of airsickness (hers, not his) while Bob Hainsworth set a new FoD mark with 1:18 in the Twin which included the first of the 4,500’ ceiling bounces.

Ken Mitchell followed with a 51 minute solo launched close to three in the afternoon before John Nestor and B1 set the golden seal on an amazing day with 43 minutes of thermal and wave before they brought the day to a magnificent close with the last landing at 16:50.

Quick rewind there: did someone say WAVE? With winds under 10 knots on the ground?

Not so higher up, where B2 noticed lenticular wave clouds at Bli Bli, which he duly recorded for our pleasure:

And in the middle of all that, Karl Bodi spun his way through another Annual Flight Review with Tony Sorensen in the reviewing seat.

It all added up to 13 flights for the day, towed by John Knox and Mike Grady, for a total of 5:25 glider time:

GYK 7 flights 3:21
IKW 6 flights 4:04

And Garrett’s guest Antoinette enjoyed the Friday vibe so much she hung around right through to hangar close, showing more than a passing interest in all our flying activity:

So, who’s going to be up there bouncing off the ceiling tomorrow?
Garrett Russell
for the FRIDAY CREW 


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