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Friday Flying




Friday 25th was quite a different day after our Friday 18th –  we had all the regulars there and were joined by Lindsay Mitchell and, later, Kevin Rodda.


Unusually, John Nestor was not tending to the Libelle which was left undisturbed in the hangar, but we were encouraged to observe John’s new handiwork, the new battery charging installation. Thanks John. The new batteries were appreciated too as battery-fade by afternoon was not an issue even on the last flights. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Barry McCarthy, assisted by Tony Sorensen, faced a long, busy day and Karl had SPA all to himself for our 20 launches.  Their contribution to the success of the day deserves a thankyou as does Shane Tuck’s dedication to getting gliders launched, Paul Breslin’s to prompt retrieval of gliders and Ken Mitchell’s care to see that ground activities were attended to promptly.  Thanks everyone.


Our Friday stalwarts Ken, Shane and Tony prepare for Paul’s launch in QA for another training flight.


With CQC back flying, those who had mourned its withdrawal from our flying activities were keen for familiarisation flight with any available instructor.  Paul and Mark Morwood were continuing their training flights and any glider left idle was claimed for a solo or mutual flight.  We intended using GYK and CQC but Barry Collins was prompted to let GQA out of the hangar to join its companions after observing how many of us were lined up to fly.  All launched from 06 to 12 where we  settled for the day.


There we were joined by Arthur Mailey and then by Lindsay who took idle QA for a flight of 2.06 before being recalled so Paul could continue his training.  Shane Tuck claimed GYK during one of its rare spells of inactivity for flight of the day for mere-members at 40 minutes.  Early flights were brief due to low cloud base but as the sky opened  up and ground warmed, the times increased though everyone was aware of the crew waiting by the pie cart.  A lucky few who launched when cloud beckoned advised us that they had left good conditions when they came back.  


Jim Ken Bob Hainsworth, Barry (B2), Lindsay and Arthur appreciate the shade of our wobbly awning.


Then it was time for one of the highlights of the day, Mark Morwood took his first solo flight and was warmly congratulated by all on his achievement.




As Mark returned to earth, Garrett Russell arrived, later joining B2 to return GYK to the hangar by 1643 in the last hangar flight of the day.  With a crew keen to join the peak hour traffic, packing up and completing paperwork was immediately attended to so we could all depart.


Stats:  CQC, eight flights for 3.01; QA, five flights for 3.38; YK, seven flights for 1.50 and Kevin Rodda had two flights in his glider of over the hour.  All in all, a good day for all present even if it was too warm at times. At least Jim Thompson did not find flat wheels waiting for his attention this week. They must all be fixed.


B2 has some good photos that I cannot copy into this report.  Hopefully, they will be sent as an addendum.



on behalf of the Friday crew










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