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Saturday Flying



“Spring is sprung, the grass is ris. I wonder where the birdies is”


Actually, I can tell you where the birdies is – just across from our hangar. And they are not afraid to stand their ground against the tug with the engine running. Keep a lookout when bringing gliders back to the hangar.




Speaking of engine running, we were very limited for Steve Bowtell’s tug time today with just over an hour left on SPA’s clock before the 100 hours maintenance schedule. Lining up for their tow rations were Karl for 3 AEF launches, Barry Collins with Tony Sorensen for another AEI training flight, duty pilot Rod Wilson and myself for Rod’s annual flight review, and Speedy hoping to scavenge any left-over tug minutes to at least get above circuit height.


Karl’s first passenger, Angela Wayland, brought along her gliding logbook from training at Warwick and is keen to join our more conveniently located club. Her job as air crew at Amberley lends itself to Friday flying.




Karl also showed Jeffrey Playford the difference between Jeffrey’s day-to-day task of piloting commercial airliners and flying gliders. Given their 1:05 flight time I guess he transitioned quite well.




Everything but the kitchen sink? Not in our case.




Also joining us today were flightless members Alan Graham, Lindsay Mitchell, Finn Morris and Mitchell Willemse. Mitchell and Finn were hoping to continue their training but were content with helping to prepare gliders and the pie cart for the day’s operations. Alan was on hand for the day helping with retrieves and duty pilot fill-ins. Lindsay had the whipper of a day taking care of the weeds along the building and highway fence boundaries.    




And yes, Speedy did manage a lunchtime launch behind SPA and was not impeded by his 1,500’ release. He joined Kevin and Bert aloft and all 3 were still airborne when we left the field early in the afternoon.


All this with 4 minutes tug time to spare.




Bernard "Speedy" Gonsalves in his K6 GSR = 2 hrs 55 mns (from a 1500 ft aerotow)

Bert Persson in his Atlas GIM = 3 hrs neat (self-launched)

Kevin Rodda in his Atlas GHG = 3 hrs 41 mins (self-launched)



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