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Friday Flying



Friday was a bigger day than anticipated for the reduced crew at the airfield, with 14 flights bracketed by two long marches. And it was such a big day, no one had time to take any photographs.


Long march number one was from the hangar to the 24 threshold, as the westerly wind made 06 launches impractical. With many Friday regulars absent, it was down to Jim Thompson, Paul Breslin, Tony Sorensen and duty instructor Garrett Russell to walk GYK and IKW  the length of the strip. John Nestor and Shane Tuck followed with GJY and Judith Smith drove the Pie Cart. With Mike Grady in SPA that was the full cast and crew for the morning.


Training flights for Paul, a currency check for Jim and AFR for Shane filled the early part of the flights sheet with no big times recorded. John Nestor dramatically changed that with just short of two hours in the Libelle, showing that the blue day’s combination of thermals and wave was capable of living up to RASP’s promise.


John was followed into the air by Bob Turner in his Standard Libelle GCP and Kevin Rodda self-launching in GHG, with Kevin close to the hour and Bob closer to three hours. Shane and Tony, in a second Blank flight, scored the best two seater time at 40 minutes.


This was closely followed by visiting Boonah member Richard Thresher on a 33 minute check flight with Garrett, and new member Bernie Barry claimed third place at 23 minutes with Tony from a three thirty launch!


We could have easily soared on into the later afternoon but, with the tug’s time ticking away fast, we elected to wrap flying early and make another long march from the end of 24 back to the highway to leave some launch time for Saturday’s crew.


Club stats for the day:


GYK 6 flights 2:25

IKW 5 flights 1:16

GJY 2 flights 1:04

Garrett Russell


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