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Sunday Flying



Sunday Grey Slope Sleighing

Sunday's venture started with a healthy dose of skyward gazing and cloud reading between the crew members David Higgs, Neil Schaffer, Kevin Rodda, Tony Sorensen and myself.


Neil Shaffer, our tug pilot for the day, shared some meteor-wisdom on our weather situation, anticipating some undulating conditions with the passage of the front with southerly winds expected. After some discussion and some reaffirmation to see out the day out with Ben Findley and myself continuing our training and three AEF passengers, we set off for runway 24.


It might have seemed like we were in for a quiet day until we had some welcome company arrive with the addition of Speedy and Co. (Bruce, Stuart and Laurie) with the M-200 and the Kookaburra, both looking nearly as good as the day they were built.

The circuit was also starting to get busy with the weekend flyers so once the AEF passengers started to arrive, there was no time for beer and skittles.

With our ducks in order, our first AEF was also first up - Robert Leith enjoying a 70th birthday present from his family (I'm pretty sure I was helping out with gliders when Robert came back so if anyone managed a photo with his glider, their email address is on the flight sheet, they're very keen to get any shots we took)


Local and international visitors Luz (left), Luis (center) and Orise (right) arrived shortly after with Luz and Orise thoroughly enjoying the experience of unpowered flight

While the cool grey conditions persisted and there was no lift to be found even for our most experienced, we still managed a nearly full flight sheet at 16 flights with everyone keen to get up and ride the smooth air.

Flight of the day was David Higgs with his AEF passenger Luz at 22mins.

Best display of excitement goes to Orise for posting a video to her instagram within minutes of tow-release which made it down to us on the ground (thanks Luis), well before she did.

At the end of it, everything we got out of the day was what we all put in so a big Thank You for everyone that assisted today.


As a note for next Friday's crew, the silver Barina has 'eaten' the wingnut for the battery just below the battery compartment. Attempts to fish it out of the abyss below were unsuccessful and has not been seen

Earlier, Luis, Luz and Orise we were told were heading up to the Mt. Ngungun summit for what sunset they could find... I'm sure they were not disappointed as mother-nature saw fit to award a 'gold-star' for another safe and enjoyable gliding day.




Dale Smith





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