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Saturday Flying


The club’s new hangar was the most crowded it’s ever been on Saturday 22 October.



After the day’s flying crew removed the tug and three gliders from the shed it became a seminar space for the Gliding Queensland airworthiness rating revalidation session, and the many attending members from other clubs weren’t the only exotic visitors to YCAB.



Session leader Laurie Simkin and Stuart Hamey brought their French-built CARMAM M-200 Foehn VH-GTG along for the weekend, and once a certain high-ranking GQ official had got the session underway he sneaked out in this staggered two seat “sexy Kookaburra” (only a slight Gallic insult intended, Speedy and Kevin) for a quick flight:



Close to two hours later, Lindsay Mitchell easily claimed the flight of the day.

 Meanwhile the CGC flying crew racked up 9 flights which included a couple of significant launches.



The first was B2 Barry Collins taking his father Austin for an 89th birthday celebration sortie, which was commemorated by the whole crew signing the Flight Certificate.



At least one of the crew found another good application for the boarding steps we used to help Austin into the IS-30:



However, with the exquisite irony the gliding gods reserve for such occasions, Barry’s 11:06 launch fell in a lull in the day’s blue thermal cycle, resulting in about ten and a half seconds of flying for every year of celebration.


By contrast, the M-200’s now legendary flight was the very next launch; 


the one after that was a 41 minute Blanik flight for Rod Wilson and family friend Jeff Bert; 


and on the day’s first launch at 09:20, Dan Rae got 3,500’ from a 2,000’ release. 


Dan could well have matched B2’s previous day performance of 1:17 from a 09:10 launch if duty instructor Garrett Russell hadn’t persuaded him to land after 25 minutes. Timing, in gliding as in comedy, is everything!



The rest of the day was largely devoted to Mitchell Willemse continuing his early training, which included learning how he could fly wings-level without even strapping in to the cockpit in the increasingly strong wind conditions.


By about three o’clock the winds were accompanied by a sky of ominous darkness and that’s the end of the daily report. Except for one thing:



Were you sharp enough to note above that we mentioned emptying the hangar of three club gliders?


That’s because, for only the second time in his flying career Dan Rae put on a parachute (with no tandem instructor this time) and set off for his first flight on type in the Club Libelle.



And 42 minutes later claimed best flight of the day in a CGC aircraft.

 Thanks to all the crew for a great, if short, day - particularly first time duty pilot Simon Brodie and short notice tuggie Dan Kershaw. The birthday pic with B2’s dad says it all about the day’s club spirit!





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