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Friday Flying



Driving to the airfield from the south this morning beneath a sky peppered with promising cumulus this aviator’s thoughts were drawn inexorably to those dreamers who, throughout recorded history, have turned their heads towards the sky in wonder with an all-consuming desire to fly like the birds.


However, unlike the very early dreamers who persisted stoically and courageously through centuries of frustration, disappointment and tragedy, we are among the fortunate souls who can actually go there and do it.


So, once again the fortunate Friday flyers began to gather at the roost in eager anticipation of some great fun amongst the clouds above and beyond YCAB. The hangar doors opened allowing the morning sunlight and potentially uplifting airiness to caress the fabric and metal of the patiently waiting wings and wheels revealed therein.


It wasn’t long before SPA and GYK were inspected and ready for flight. They appeared to be straining at the thought of imminent release and eagerness to join the hawks, pelicans and ibis soaring and wheeling in the now awesome airspace of the sky overhead….and it was not yet 0900!



Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Gliding Fri, 21 Oct 16:Blanik just itching to get airborne.jpg Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Gliding Fri, 21 Oct 16:SPA Ready to go.jpg



With R06 the obvious duty runway, Barry Collins was first away in the Blanik at 0907, towed by the ever reliable John Knox at the helm of the Pawnee, chomping at the bit to get up and at it. With a subsequent release and immediate climb to 3500’, this flight will stay indelibly etched on B2’s mind and soul as he soared rapturously between clouds to the S, W and N of YCAB for more than an hour. Chasing clouds on a mini navex, and descending to 1900’ on one occasion, the Blanik always managed to soar back to the airspace limit. The northern step was visited on one occasion with a climb to 4000’ before heading back to homeplate….where, from half a nautical mile above the field and the boards extended fully for re-entry, the metal bird returned to terra firma after 1h 17m.


Throughout this entire joyous airborne interlude, visiting M200 vintage glider GTG was being rigged for flight while the IS-30 sat patiently with a deflated ego resulting from tyre pressure, or rather, lack thereof!


With GQA now re-tyred and the pressure mounting to get airborne, pre-solo training flights followed for both Paul Breslin and Mark Morwood in the Blanik and IS-30 respectively.






Jim Thompson and Barry McCarthy climbed aboard GQA for their inaugural flight together, and the visiting GTG was next to follow. Mike Grady had by now arrived to relieve John of tug duties. 


After some enjoyable co-thermalling Jim and B1 eventually returned to R06 grass L, with the M200 landing off to the right after a short shakedown flight.




            Jim and B1 GQA                           Visiting M200 GTG



At around this juncture, this reporter had to depart the field, whereupon the activity continued throughout the day with more pre-solo training, mutual flights and, for some lucky souls, invitational flights in the M200.


So, with thoughts of those early dreamers still soaring around inside their open sky minds the Friday team shared yet another day of mutual joy in the magic of soaring amongst firm flying friends.



For Friday Crew



Note: Apologies to any members not mentioned herein as well as for lack of afternoon details.




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