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Sunday Flying




A good turnout with DI Mick Moloney, Instructor Neil Schaefer, AEI Alan Graham and Tug pilot Dan Kershaw along with Tony Sorenson, Barry Collins, Ben Findley, Alex and Eric and later Louise Pozorski.




The weather for the day was promising, so with out much delay we were airborne with the first flight at 9:28 with Mick Moloney and Alan Graham launching from the hanger and heading over to runway12. Followed of course by the pie cart and cars. All keeping a vigilant watch on their speed.  




Two AEF's David Maynard, a birthday present from his wife which he didn't know about until he arrived. They are staying on Bribie for a few days and so his wife thought what a great surprise. Which it was! David took it in his stride. Bit of an adventurous family. 43 minutes.

The second AEF Don Milner and his wife. Don came back with a huge smile on his face. It seems B2 kept him in awe of the beauty and serenity of our great location. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him again. 49 minutes.




Dan Kershaw was able to complete his AFR with Tony Sorenson and Neil Schaefer taking over as Tug Pilot . Mick suggested we watch the glider spiralling, turning to me he said I would learn to do this one day. He doesn't know how fast I can run when I have to.


From then on we seemed to be launching and retrieving aircraft with nothing more to do than enjoy the visitors company and the usual airfield banter.


Total of 14 launches = CQC 2hr 54min.  GYK 3hr 21min.


Neil and Ben took the longest flight today with 56 minutes from a 3200ft launch. Neil and Ben did 3 flights and I found listening to Neil's debriefing. Very interesting for me. I have been told by various club members to listen to flight discussions. Now I know why. Great advise.


Thank you to Eric  and Louise for staying and helping throughout the day. We all really appreciate it.


Thanks also to Bert and Lindsay for the great effort ensuring CQC was returned into service ASAP.


One more thing. Only took one photo. Mick briefing us before the day's flying. Oh well.

webmaster: except this one. Bernie getting ready to launch the first flight away from the hangar; IS-28 refamil flight for Alan Graham with long distance soaring legend, Mick Moloney


A great day had by all.


Regards Bernie Barry











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