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 Pleasant and safe flying 



From: David Guzzwell 
Date: Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 2:20 PM
Subject: Flying Report - Saturday 20/Aug/16

Saturday started out clear and calm.  Early conversation with Steve Bowtell, our Tow Pilot for the day, revealed a forbidding forecast of early building skies and showers then potential storms by late afternoon and a steep wind gradient between calm to 8kn at surface and 20-30kn at 2000’ as a high level weather system moved through from the south.

Attendance was light with prior knowledge of only one student pilot (Finn Morris) but actual attendance turned out to be 100% better!

As preparations got underway with (Duty Instructor) David Higgs taking our two student pilots through the details of Daily Inspections, it was discovered that the Barina battery was dead flat.  I decided that unhitching the Pie Cart at the flight line and using the Ford as a retrieve vehicle would suffice for the day.

Volunteer AEI Kevin Rodda then provided a refresher course, including new price lists, for signing up new members and we officially welcomed Mitchell Willemse into the fold.  Mitchell, having experienced gliding flight for the first time just the previous week, was back to make it a regular reality.

New member today - Mitchell Willemse

First flight of the day, in very light surface conditions, was our other student pilot Finn Morris with David Higgs.  Departing Rwy 06 at 0935 and arriving Rwy 30 at 0955 where we had set up for the day.  A quick follow up flight, launching directly from the stopping point on grass right, saw Finn acquiring another 15 minutes of air time.

By the third launch, at 1047, visible evidence of lift was appearing and, at 37 minutes, Mitchell’s first training flight doubled our flying time.

The flight line got busy.

By this stage of the day we had seen a rapid increase in the traffic at YCAB with at least 5 different fixed-wing aircraft, 3 Gyrocopters and no less than 4 different helicopters all performing circuits, engine-out simulations, ground hover manoeuvres, and other business from Rwy 30.

Kevin Rodda, having enlisted Mitchell’s assistance earlier to tow the Barina to his hangar for battery charging, departed to rectify battery issues with his own aircraft.

Finn and Mitchell continued to swap seats in GYK, obtaining 3 launches each before day’s end for a total of 2 hours and 35 minutes.  Flight of the Day in club aircraft was Mitchell’s final launch, with David Higgs, at 1301, landing long on RWY 24 after 44 minutes.

The fully charged Barina was returned to the hangar, aircraft and pie cart packed away, and paperwork completed while Kevin enjoyed the enduring lift in his Atlas (1hr 39mins), having self-launched just after David and Mitchell.

Some strange cloud formations today before the weather closed in

Thanks to all for a pleasant and safe day of flying.

David Guzzwell


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