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Saturday Flying




Saturday started out with a bleary grey overcast that saw Duty Instructor David Higgs and AEI Lindsay Mitchell discussing the soaring forecasts that they had checked on Friday evening.  Fortunately, the day was expected to improve, thankfully, the forecasts were correct.


Tow Pilot Rory Rearden completed the duty crew and Garrett Russell, Mitchell Willemse and Rod Wilson with friend, joined us early making a decent contingent for unpacking and preparations.


Lindsay began his day with the fitting of a shiny tailwheel (ex Twin Astir) to CQC, and the application of Yours Truly (Plus-Size Load) to examine the travel and serviceability of the main oleo.  Bert Persson and Lindsay were preparing to test fly our IS-28!


Wind direction and forecast indicated that 06 would be our runway for the day and most of the powered traffic joined us there.


First launch was GYK at 9:49 carrying David Higgs and Mitchell Willemse.  All other aviators waited for conditions to improve.  An hour later, finally satisfied that everything was complete, and looking at an improving sky, Bert and Lindsay launched in CQC.


Bert and Lindsay anticipating taking to the sky in CQC.


Many aspects of flight envelope testing were observed in the hour that followed.  Rod Wilson took friend Campbell McLennan up in GYK but was unfortunate in his search for CQC’s lift.  Our scheduled passenger, Eric Robins, arrived and was flown in GQA by David Higgs for 23 minutes, landing whilst Bert and Lindsay continued to assess CQC’s suitability for flight.


Eric Robins in GQA.


At 11:54, Bert and Lindsay returned to earth declaring it was “terrible” whilst unsuccessfully hiding wide grins.  One assumes lunch was calling.


Speedy arrived looking to make use of the improved conditions returning after 3 hours 15 minutes.


Speedy gets set to disappear for a few hours.


Garrett Russell’s friends Eddie Odden and Darryl Simpson arrived and were entertained in CQC for 29 and 31 minutes respectively while Nick Sheahon popped in and stole away for a sneaky 33 minutes in GYK.


Kevin Rodda took an opportunity to confirm GQA’s old nickname “Kevin’s Single Seater” adding 1:03 to his logbook.


The day was then extended when Aleks Pozorski arrived with parents Eric and Louise in tow.  They have moved up to QLD so that Aleks can attend school at Aviation High and Aleks was promptly signed up as a new member.  Whilst David Higgs was establishing the Aleks’s experience level combined with an area familiarisation in GYK, Lindsay offered Eric and Louise a launch in CQC, which Louise was happy to accept.


Louise Pascoe in CQC.


Returning just 14 minutes later, Louise was highly understanding of her son’s desire to soar.

Welcome to Caboolture Gliding Club Aleks, Eric and Louise.


Final flights for the day consisted of two more training sorties for Aleks, with Garrett, in GYK while I arranged to convert into GQA with Lindsay and for something more adventurous with Mr Higgs in CQC.  Oh Joy!


17 launches on the flight sheet: 

GYK = 8 for 2:02

CQC = 5 for 2:41

GQA = 3 for 1:42

GSR = 1 for 3:15


Other notes:


We removed a runway cone to facilitate safe launching but I had concerns about a second cone that may have caused a problem.  Following what I will call a near miss, and report as such, on the first launch, we removed a second cone.  Please don’t make my mistake.  If you have any concern about safety out there, mention and correct it before proceeding.


Despite the overcast, the heat radiating off the ground was fierce all day.  Please always stay Sun Safe and hydrated.


The Pie Cart’s left hand tire looked a little squishy to me so I hooked up the car-start/compressor.  8-10 psi!  I took the time to inflate it and the right hand up to 30 psi.  Please keep an eye on it, there may be a slow leak.


I also noted that while said car-start/compressor unit was indeed plugged in all day, we didn’t use the white Barina and so it was down to 63% charge.


Safe flying everyone!  I hope you are looking forward to another summer of soaring.

 David Guzzwell










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