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Friday Flying



With several defections to DDSC,  and elsewhere, we were a reduced bunch at the hangar on Friday.



Rory Reardon and his offsider, Mark Morwood, prepared SPA for the day.



The rest  of the crew, Bob Turner’s friend, Neville Wilson, Bob Hainsworth, Bert who was offering advice, Tony Sorensen and Paul Breslin completed the day’s assembly as the cloud improved.


Gliders YK, QA and JY launched from where they were DI’d to relocate to 12 and join the light traffic there.  It seemed to be a work of art to organise the delivery of a retrieve to 12 for returning gliders and simultaneously have enough members present for launch duty on 06 but we managed it without losing too much of the lift on offer.  



Shortly after we settled the piecart, Rory delivered a passenger, Peter Prior who turned up for an AEF a day early.  Tony put on his AEI hat and Peter duly had his flight just as the sky turned on a blue hole over Caboolture.  Rory and Paul had made the trip to the hangar to collect fuel for our very empty retrieves and the Ford.


Bob Hainsworth was missing from this photo; he was soaring somewhere out around the step in his flight of 2.10 in JY before the need for lunch caused him to return to 06. The same good conditions saw YK record two consecutive flights of just over an hour, the first for Tony and Mark, and the second one for Bob and his friend, Neville, though they had to work for their hour having nearly had to come home from about circuit height just over the highway at the same time as JY and QA landed.



Then it was time for us to sit and contemplate the blue, catch up with lunch, and have a rest from the activity of the morning before commencing circuits and hangar flights.  Flying was all over about 1530 and packing up was done so we could depart before the rush hour was upon us.



On behalf of the Friday crew












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