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Sunday Flying



The duty crew of Mick Moloney, Chris Weir, Dan Kershaw and Jim Thompson assisted by Tony Sorensen arrived at the field on Sunday morning to a sky that was very promising.

 Promising sky!

With no AEFs or MIRs booked it looked like being a quite day - but it wasn't! Others must have been looking skyward because before long we were joined by Mark Morwood, Bernie Barry and Karl Bodie. Chris and Jim organised some friends to come out to the field for what turned out to be one of the best soaring days for some time.

The only problem was the wind which could't make up it's mind. We initially launched on 06 with some traffic using 12 but then the wind and traffic moved to 30 only to return to 06 a couple of launches later. The pie cart struggled to keep up.

First flight was Mick and Mark who set of for a training flight in the Blanik to return exactly an hour later. Mark had a huge grin on his face when he got back to the pie cart! Chris then took friend Reece Knight up for 47 minutes in the IS30 followed by Jim and friend Mike Braun for 39 minutes in the Blanik. Chris was then joined by Karl for a mutual flight in the IS30 for the flight of the day at 1hr 11 mins. Mike Braun was so impressed by his first flight that he hung around and had another flight with Jim in the IS30 later in the afternoon but by then the sea breeze had come in quite strongly and the lift had all but gone.

Mark continued with his training in the Blanik and Bernie managed two flight with Tony to break his personal voodoo of turning up at the field but not managing to fly for one reason or another.

Final stats were GYK 5 flights for a total of 3:00 hrs and GQA 3 flights for 2:26hrs.

Thanks to all the duty crew that made my job easy and enjoyable.

Jim Thompson
Duty Pilot.



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