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Saturday Flying



Today began with the exercise of de-rigging the Twin Astir and rigging the IS-28.  The process went smoothly and was completed very close to Lindsay’s estimation of 11am.


First launch occurred at 10:38 with Neil Muspratt taking our Canadian visitor David McClean up in the IS-30, GQA, for 26 minutes. Conditions had already developed and by the time Karl had the tug back he advised us that there were showers to be dodged in the vicinity.


Neil had one other launch, at 1149, with passenger Kameron L’Estrange (27 minutes) and David Higgs conducted the rest of the day’s flying in GYK, with one notable exception.  Daniel Rae, following an early check flight, took GYK for a solo at 12:48, achieving flight of the day at 41 minutes.


Steve and Nikki Taylor joined us after lunch and, between them, took 5 flights including some rather nice thermalling by Nikki and some covered instrument circuits by Steve.


The day’s efforts boil down to:

GQA: 2 for 0:53

GYK: 7 for 2:26

1 Twin Astir de-rigged

1 IS-28 rigged

and a slightly re-arranged hangar to accommodate the above.


Final notes.

The Blanik, GYK, may require a little air in the main wheel.

The Twin is de-rigged against the hangar wall, please be careful:

- getting into and out of the Ford, there should be plenty of room.

- backing the pie cart out, again, should be plenty of room.


Have fun, keep safe.

David Guzzwell






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