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Friday Flying



If last the crew found the wind a bit bad tempered last Sunday, it was downright cross by Friday.



The gusty conditions made ground handling difficult, even in the early morning when we left IKW parked in the corner as a highway billboard and walked GQA and GYK the long way around to RWY12, the crossness of the wind making 06 take offs unadvisable.


First launch was therefore a little later than the Friday norm. Our newest AEI Barry Collins took off at 09:44 with Tony Sorensen to get the feel of the IS-30 before he used it for his first ever AEF, and made sure to land before his passenger was due at 10:00.



Second launch was Mark Morwood kicking off his second day of glider training on a 25 minute flight from a 2300 foot launch with duty instructor Garrett Russell. That proved to the rest of the Pie Cart crowd that there was some lift which could make battling the turbulence worthwhile.



B2 duly found 20 minutes worth of soaring and signed his first AEF certificate for a very happy visitor from Britain. Jim Thompson did almost as well in GYK, flying a friend around for 19 minutes and landing beautifully in conditions which were so testing that John Knox had happily handed control of SPA over to Karl Bodi after the first two flights.



So it was not the best day for Barry McCarthy to make a welcome return from his recent brief but intense illness. However he and Arthur Mailey enjoyed themselves making reacquaintance with GQA for 16 minutes. And the pattern of declining flight times was about to be reversed, in a dramatic manner.



Ken Mitchell launched with Tony shortly after midday on a flight which saw them soaring high under great looking downwind cloud to convincingly claim flight of the day at 32 minutes. But they also found severe sink on the way back in that they had to make a very modified circuit!


That performance was underlined soon after by Kevin Rodda, who self-launched in GHG and got as high as 4,000 feet, but returned after just 27 minutes of struggling through sink so big that he had to modify his circuit entry.


Judith Smith and Bernie Barry, who both worked tirelessly on the ground all day to keep the rest of us flying, felt justified in their decisions to leave their own flying for another day!


By one o’clock everyone had had enough of this very cross wind, leaving Mark and Garrett to do the last of their four training flights with a long landing on 12 and another difficult retrieve all the way back to the hangar.



By two thirty the debriefing session was in full swing in the Golden Wings Pilot Lounge.



And by the time we left around three thirty, the wind was still as cross as ever.


The day’s stats:

GYK 5 flights 1:23

GQA 4 flights 1:16

 Garrett Russell




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