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 Non-flying Sunday 


I had arranged to meet Speedy Gonsalves and Bert Persson at Macca's for second-breakfast at 9.00 am and had in mind a self-launch later in the morning to follow them off into a promising looking sky.
However, with Speedy's K14 motor-glider out of action at present and no aerotows available for his K6, the conversation drifted towards what work could be done on the IS-28 with possibly Bert and I flying later in the day.

Speedy was working on the fuselage paintwork and Bert on the ailerons.

I have never imagined ailerons at this angle (hinged back at a little over 90 degrees to provide better access for Bert to work on checking brackets, bearings, etc.). The leading edge of the wing is pointing down at the ground in this pic ... if the wing were flying, the aileron would be pointing straight up to the sky.
The yellow fabric is an aileron seal ... something that you would very rarely see on another IS-28. Bert installed these when he re-built CQC several years back (based on the aileron seals used in Blaniks) ... and that solves the mystery as to why CQC flies beautifully and rolls so well in flight! 
Speedy asks that we take as much care as possible when landing CQC after the fuselage repairs and painting are completed ... this photo shows the damage behind the tow hook under the front of CQC's fuselage.
After initially sanding back blemishes under the tail with a sander  attachment on a drill, Speedy "called in the big guns" with the use of a new type of eco-friendly paint stripper 
And that made the job a lot easier!
We had to remove the "Caboolture Gliding Club" black lettering to get to the peeling paint and corrosion along the fuselage where it meets the canopy ... wear and tear from getting in and out of the cockpit.
This pic shows clearly where paint has lifted (left and right) and where there has been corrosion under the paint (centre).
With the lettering off, Speedy got to it with the sander.
But alas, no glider flying whatsoever for CGC members today when Bert decided that the sky wasn't encouraging enough to get him away from the aileron work to fly his Atlas ... and me establishing that what I thought yesterday was an under-charged battery problem in my Atlas was actually a dead battery that needs replacing!
I did manage however to provide some assistance to Bert and Speedy (mainly in the form of taking them to Indian Brothers for a curry lunch!).
Kevin Rodda


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