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Sunday Flying



The morning started early with Tony Sorensen, Lindsay Mitchell, Chris Weir, Daniel Rae, Dan Kershaw and myself. As the GKA and GQA were readied for take off from 06 with 30 selected as the days runway, Chris was off polishing the Libelle. 


With the pie cart ready, Tony and I took the first flight of the day in the GKA, with Daniel Rae taking the GQA shortly afterwards. Susy Rinsma arrived at 10:30, for an air experience flight, with her family tagging along  to watch. Susy and Lindsay were able to achieve 25 minutes of flight in the GQA after a success AEF. Afterwards, Chris joined us on runway 30 with a now very shiny Libelle. Taking it up for a flight, we watched him throughout the day as he amassed nearly 2 hours in the air.

The heat continued to beat down on us over the day, and as Tony and I took off for our second flight, we learnt the hard way that tucking the seatbelts behind the seat doesn't always work. A few burns later, we were up in the air only to find an abundance of lift and turbulence. It was a bumpy ride as we hung around the ceiling, even heading over to the step up to the 4500 foot ceiling. It was great thermal practise, and also a hard lesson in how much wind can throw you and your speed around. It was the furthest I'd ever been from the airfield and was a hell of a fun time. 

Daniel tried getting some of this lift in the GQA, but was unlucky in his endeavour. We watched him below us, so we must of been such a tease. We landed on runway 06 45 minuets later, followed by the Libelle. With a total of 6 flights for the day, the rain decided to join us as we started packing away the gliders. It was pelting down and joined by thunder by the time the hanger doors were closed. It was short lived, though, as the sun broke though the clouds as we called it a day. 


The stats: GYK 2 launches for 1 hour in total, GQA 3 launches for 51 minutes and lastly the JY with 1 launch and 1 hour 46 minutes. 

Mitchell Willemse



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