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 New Member Saturday 


From: Garrett Russell  
Date: Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 12:14 PM
Subject: New Member Saturday at CGC
To: CGC Members  
There may not have been much flying on Saturday due to the tug’s rapidly shortening use-by time, but we finished the day with a new member, probable new instructor and possibly even a tuggie:

Simon Hatfield is an ex-CFI from Alice Springs and ex-tuggie from Boonah, where he happened to learn those particular ropes from one Anton Sorensen. So it was a bit like old home week when Simon ran into Tony at the pie cart having just signed in as CGC’s newest member.
On the flying front, we knew we’d be largely restricted to towing up the three booked AEF pax. These were all flown by Mike McCluskey with Karl Bodi in the tug, and added up to a respectable 1:51 for IKW.
Speedy pulled his Ka-6 GSR out to the flight line in the hope that SPA would have enough minutes on the log to launch him after the pax - and his hopes were rewarded with a two hour flight from a launch just after two in the afternoon.
There could have been another two hours or more to talk about if only Kevin Rodda had arrived at the flight line in his self-launcher GHG with enough battery charge to get the motor started!
Watch this space for news of SPA’s progress through the 100 hourly work this week.
Garrett Russell
DUTY INSTRUCTOR (and Duty Pilot for the day)


From: Mike McCluskey  
Date: Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 3:42 PM
Subject: New Member Saturday at CGC
To: CGC Members  

Just to expand on Garrett’s report.





With the limited tug time left we squeezed in 3 AEF’s. My first two passengers (husband and wife - Lianne and Damien Verluis) thoroughly enjoyed their 41 and 51 minute flights … with me forcing the Twin back on the ground under full airbrakes. 



Damien did a sterling job doing the vast majority of flying and thermaling also ... I’ve attached a pic from the rear seat where you can see the vario going berserk. 



Needless to say they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves with some subsequent discussions amongst themselves of how they could fit regular gliding into their busy lives.


Unfortunately my last flight with Arun Kevat wasn’t as good as we encountered monster sink everywhere with the flight being cut short to 19 mins. 



I personally couldn’t take Arun up again (due to the tug time), I offered to take him up again in a few weeks time when I’m next on duty to make up for his short flight.  


Having said that, he still the field a happy chappy…even with his 19 mins.



The hanger pic was Bert who spent the day beavering away getting the IS28 ready to fly … thanks a million Bert and I personally can’t wait to get back in the 28..


Lastly, a big welcome to Simon!

Mike McCluskey
Air Experience Instructor


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