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 A parade of Champions 


From: Barry Collins 
Date: Sat, Aug 20, 2016
Subject: A parade of champions



Well, there was no EKKA style dance of furry, four legged beasts and champion fish in glass bowls being paraded around the YCAB showground on Friday, 12/08/16. Notwithstanding, of course, Knoxy’s pup taking a rest on the seat of his car while John took the seat of the Pawnee for the first couple of launches from R06.

Yep, Captain Knox is back! After a hiatus of a couple of months, Knoxy was able to remount his trusty steed, SPA. The climb to his lofty perch was with the welcome assistance of the club’s recently bequeathed ‘airstairs’, finished and polished courtesy of Anton’s Cabinetry Works, Maleny.

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Fri Report 12/08/16:Knoxy and a/c steps.jpg

Knoxy’s Stairway to Heaven

By the time this silver lined and momentous occasion had been duly celebrated a small influx of Friday flyers had filtered on to the field. The group included that outback traveller and explorer, John Nestor. Thanks to John all the aircraft battery charging terminals are once again serviceable. Ah, the magic of the crystal cracker’s surgical touch!

Dedicated club member, Paul Breslin, had turned up with his portable airframe performance enhancer, in the form of a vacuum cleaner, to clean out the accumulated dirt, dried grass and other shoe deposited floor detritus in IKW. With the removal of this unwanted ballast the aircraft was certain to perform well later. And perform she did!

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Fri Report 12/08/16:Paul Breslin and Vac.jpg

Paul Breslin and Vac Pack

( Observant aviators will note that this pic was taken at day’s end )

So, with the DIs complete, both the Twin ( Bob Hainsworth and B2 ) and the Blanik ( Tony  Sorensen and Arthur Mailey ) were launched behind Knoxy from the hangar on short positioning flights to R12.

Paul was next to launch in IKW, with Garrett Russell as instructor, to continue his pre solo training overhead in the YCAB blue. They were followed by John Nestor and Ken Mitchell solo in GYK and IKW respectively. Some lift was beginning to spring from the azure sky with small Cu starting to appear. Ken managed a respectable 27 mins while John was content with a shorter flight just to dust away the cobwebs.

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Fri Report 12/08/16:John Nestor.jpg

A happy John Nestor about to launch

With both birds back at the flight line, and the sky improving in appearance, John launched once again in GYK  on a short rear seat training flight with Garrett. They were back in 10 mins. B2 was then given the Twin to try his luck…and the real fun began!

Pulled into the sky by Karl Bodi, who had replaced Knoxy as our tug driver, B2 released below a rapidly building and inviting cloud mass. Thermalling to 3500’ he revelled in the high speed level flight at that altitude for over half an hour.

John and Garrett joined him below in GYK, climbing all the way to the step height as B2 subsequently left the thermal to give the Twin to someone else on the ground.

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Fri Report 12/08/16:IKW after great thermalling.jpg

The beautiful conditions after B2’s return

B2’s 49 min flight was one of pure, unadulterated joy in the miracle of soaring flight, shared with like minded aviators.

Garrett and John returned soon thereafter with a further exhilarating 41 mins soaring for their logbooks.

And then, the flight of the day became airborne as Tony and Paul took the Twin up, logging an impressive 54 mins of great flying out west of the step, and up to 4500’.

Their smiles were etched across their faces for the remainder of the afternoon. Great effort guys, and well flown Paul.

As the sky-punching lift blew away with the sea breeze the remaining flights were a short solo in GYK for Bob plus hangar flights back to R06 for Ken and B2 in IKW, followed by John and Arthur in GYK.

As people continued to flock to the Ekka in noisy numbers, the Friday Crew enjoyed the uncrowded Cu-punctuated cyan ceiling above Caboolture. Another day of the best, with the best and away from the rest. A true gold medal day.

Barry Collins
for the FRIDAY CREW 


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