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Sunday flying


From: Mike McCluskey
Date: Monday, 12 September 2016
Subject: Sunday flying
To: CGC Members  

Hi all


Thanks to those members who could attend the AGM on Saturday – some of you were also at the field on Sunday. We’re a club of volunteers and it’s super important that everyone feels they have a voice. Remember that each and every one of you have something valuable to contribute which all helps in the successful running and growth of YOUR club. 


So on to Sunday … the duty crew were all present by 8am and were greeted by blue skies and sunshine.



9:00 am - start of day


The crew for the day was yours truly as AEI, Tony Sorenson was our L2 for the day, Rory Reardon was operating the noisy thing at the front of the glider. Duty pilot was a team effort of myself, Barry Collins nd& Karl Bodi. Thanks Karl who didn’t even get to fly!


Chris Weir was first in the air at 9:45am for his annual flight review with Tony. Chris obviously passed as he followed it up with a solo flight in the Blanik.


Barry Collins (rear seat) with "passenger from hell" Tony Sorensen 


In the Blanik for most of the day was Barry Collins who was starting his AEI “the best job in the club” training with Tony and Tony’s ‘cranky passenger’ routine. Barry’s three simulated AEI flights mean he is well progressed and I’m sure we’ll have another AEI soon.


AEF passenger Bernard Barry 

In terms of AEF’s, I had 3 passenger flights who all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. First up was Bernard Barry who took the membership application BEFORE I had even put him in the aircraft. He left with a big smile after a 30 min flight and after landing, went off to enquire about booking a follow-up flight next weekend.


AEF passenger Peter Falcongreen with Mike McCluskey 


My next passenger (Peter Falcongreen joined by his wife) was another enthusiastic flyer and he was rewarded with a ‘flight-of-the-day’ 45 min flight. I deliberately kept the flight to 45 mins in order to collect my next passenger who was a lovely chap (Noel Gollagher) celebrating his 70th birthday. 


AEF passenger Noel Gollagher 


Noel brought his own cheer squad including grandkids. Noel last visited us 10 yrs ago on his 60th birthday and promised me he won’t wait 10 yrs until his next flight.


Kevin Rodda joined us about midday and took a couple of his wife Sharon's work friends (Dianne McColl and Ian Stevenson) up for flights … again, everyone left happy campers.


John Knox, Barry Collins and Rory Reardon 


John Knox dropped in later in the day ... the final flight of the day was a joint flight of Barry and John when they landed shortly after 4pm.


the Glasshouse Mountains horizon view from one of the AEF flight today 


Quick stats ... 11 safe and uneventful flights in total in the Twin Astir (2hrs 20mns) and Blanik (1hr 41mns).


Last, and by no means least, the award for unsung heroes of the day go to Speedy and Bert who spent the day working to get our Libelle and IS28 airworthy ... thanks again guys for this essential work.



Mike McCluskey


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