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Friday Flying



With Tony Sorensen assisted by Barry McCarthy, and Mike Grady in the tug, GYK, QA and JY were readied for take off from 06 with 12 having been selected as the runway we would operate from. Also present was Barry Collins, Mark Morwood, Paul Breslin, Richard Thresher, Arthur Mailey, Jim Thompson, Lindsay Mitchell, Ken Mitchell, John Nestor with Anne Bradley and yours truly, Bob Hainsworth. Soon we were joined by Judith Smith and then long time no see Jo Wooler who arrived on her magnificent Triumph motor bike.


After helping to set up the pie cart Judith decided to return home, suffering with sore eyes from the dust or some other pollutant in the air. Later Karl Bodi arrived and relieved Mike on the tug, Mike will be absent until New Year due to a hospital visit and convalescence, we wish him well. We also hope nobody offers Karl a job that he cannot refuse as he has offered to tug for us during Mike;s absence. Rory Rearden arrived around midday for some gliding training.


Mark with Tony took the first launch in GYK, Paul with B1 the second in QA, followed by myself in JY. I scraped around in weak lift for 30 minutes,  the flight of the day until Lindsay managed 35 minutes in a hangar flight in JY at the end of the day. John Nestor took his lady Anne for a flight in GYK and managed 25 minutes from 3500. Barry Collins took our 2 passengers, Darrin and Claire Collins (no relation) up to 3000 ft for 17 and 16 minutes respectively. They were celebrating their 10 years wedding anniversary and accompanied by a very new bub.


Otherwise Jo wooller undertook a successful AEF, and several training flights and circuits by others brought us to a total for the day of 19 flights.


We did not disappoint Jim, his services were called upon as usual to change the rear wheel on QA. I hope everyone has read and acted upon my email about the pie cart floor, we cannot afford to have the damage worsen.


The stats: GYK 8 launches for 2-10, QA 9 launches for 1-54, JY 2 launches for 1-05.


Bob Hainsworth



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