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 No coffee Saturday



From: Garrett Russell  
Date: Sat, Sep 10, 2016 at 5:02 PM
Subject: No Coffee Saturday at CGC
To: CGC Members  

Noting the weather forecasts, RASP chart and overnight rain radar, at least two of the duty crew arrived at the airfield on Saturday minus their habitual take away coffee. They figured that they’d be sitting down to a civilised coffee soon enough, just after calling the day’s ops off. Well, they left the field at about 1500 still uncaffeinated but with six more flights for their logbooks.

The morning sky, while cloudy and threatening rain all around, was ambiguous enough to keep us at the field with dreams of not just flying but finding lift. First off to test that theory was volunteer Duty Pilot Dale Smith - and Dale came closer than anyone to proving the theory correct. 

First launch of the day, best flight of the day: 22 minutes of maintaining height in scratchy lift and some valuable lessons for Dale on his journey from power jockey to soaring pilot!

Unfortunately, by the time Dale assumed his position in the Pie Cart, AEI Karl Bodi was seeing his three booked passengers fade away as fast as the scudding cloud overhead. One had cancelled the night before, the second cancelled shortly before her flight time, and the third also decided to come back another day after actually making it all the way to the flight line, discussing the weather and kicking the dirt with Karl and Tony Sorensen. There was one more last minute chance:

Retired Kiwi glider pilot Peter Marsh dropped in, decided an overcast sled ride would not be the ideal note on which to finish his Noosa holiday, but stayed long enough to help pump up a soft main tyre.

So for the second day in a row the Twin was DI’d only to spend its entire time out of the hangar as a highway billboard for the club.

Sled rides, however, are just what Steve Taylor needed for finessing his circuit technique. He made great progress in four flights, all under 17 minutes.

Dale took another short flight for some more finessing of his own, bringing the day to a close with a total on 1:28 for the Blanik. The crew was spurred on by thunder and lightning in the west to get all aircraft and vehicles back in the hangar in record time, and with just a sprinkle of rain on them.

And those two crew members who missed out on their morning coffee?
Tuggie Rory Rearden and Duty Instructor Garrett Russell, who both flew every flight on the time sheet. And I still haven’t had mine yet!
Garrett Russell
 for the Pre-AGM Crew


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