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Grounded Friday 



Armed with a RASP lift forecast that looked more like an artist’s palette smeared with every possible shade of blue imaginable the Friday crew gathered at the hangar beneath the actuality of a grey and lifeless cloud ceiling of scud, virga, threatening precipitation and a strong northeasterly wind. Steeling themselves to the task, this positive action outfit opened the doors, pulled the gliders out, completed the DIs, all the while anticipating an improvement in flying conditions – but to no avail.

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:YCAB fri 09/09/16:Twin and R06 Windsock.jpg 

Not looking promising – check out the R06 windsock!

Arthur Mailey had brought his Buderim neighbour, Richard Thresher, previously a member of the Boonah Gliding Club, down to YCAB to fly with us. However, his flying plans were thwarted as the Wx conditions prompted duty instructor, Tony Sorensen, to cancel operations. The AEF booked for the day was postponed, as was Barry Collins’ pax, Gary Clark, ‘Swamp’ cartoonist. Ding the duck was not to fly this day! ( Come to think of it, he is yet to get off the ground after all these years in the cartoon! ). Those esteemed aviators will have another go next Friday.

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:YCAB fri 09/09/16:Buderim Boys.jpg

Arthur Mailey and Buderim buddy, Richard Thresher, pontificating.

And then Lindsay Mitchell turned up on the airfield grounds with trusty trailer in tow…full to the brim with our own new glider trolleys to replace the loan items currently in use. Not long after his arrival, with the decision already taken to ground the fleet and cancel operations, the crew rolled the birds onto their virgin new wheels for the repositioning inside the hangar.

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:YCAB fri 09/09/16:Owners.jpg

Loaners – goodbye!

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:YCAB fri 09/09/16:Loaners.jpg

Owners – hello!

With the hangar closed and the crew grounded, some members repaired to the golden arches crew room for some further grounding..of coffee beans, that is.

As is the custom, much was achieved the post no-flight debrief as these sharp minded aviators set about solving all the political problems of the country, setting the new and improved ground rules for the future stability of this great nation of ours. Doesn’t seem all that hard!

Stats for the day:  

DIs completed : 2

Flights: 0

Flight of the Day: 0

Coffees consumed: Several

Barry "B2"Collins 
for the FRIDAY CREW      


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