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Sunday Flying



Did someone say instructors? They were thicker on the ground than the southerly buster clouds in the air at YCAB today. There were:

 Four L2s

Two CFIs

Two L3s

One or Two AEIs (depending on whether you made the head count before or after 10:46)

and Two DIs ...


TWO Duty Instructors? Not quite:



DI Garrett Russell took the first Blanik flight with partner Di to introduce her to the other love in his life.

It was an interesting cross wind take off from 06, as was AEI Alan Graham’s solo flight to position the Twin on 12 for the day’s booked AEF passenger. But the wind became as heavy as the instructor count, rearranging furniture around the Pie Cart and convincing everyone present that the passenger should be advised to postpone:



That left just one more flight on the planned agenda:



Barry Collins could barely keep his hat on as he strapped in behind CFI David Higgs for a check flight to finalise his AEI training.



And TWO instructors landed at 10:46.

Well done Barry!


With the wind increasing and no great lift evident, the fourth and final flight for the day was for Jim Thompson to test himself against the conditions under the eagle eye of the DI (the not so pretty one). Scoring flight of the day at just 19 minutes, Jim proved all the instructors correct in their consensus to pull the pin early.


By shortly after 11:00 we were towing both gliders from long landings on 12 back to the hangar, where Bert Persson was busily finishing his tremendous work to get the 28 rigged and ready for an imminent return to service, leaving tugged Scrubby to model his new shirt from the club merchandise range.


Four flights for a total time of 29 minutes in IKW and 31 in GYK. And for the record, the instructor count was:


Four L2s (David Higgs, Tony Sorensen, John Ashford and Garrett Russell)

Two CFIs (David Higgs and Pacific Soaring’s Mike Truitt)

Two L3s (Mike Truitt and Ivor Harris, flying his Victa Airtourer)

One or Two AEIs (Alan Graham, joined by Barry Collins)

Garrett Russell



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