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Saturday Flying


Saturday was a hot one and it looks like this heat is now well and truly only going to continue as we get closer into summer. Keeping up our fluids and staying well sun protected was very important on a day like today.  


Today we were joined by Karl Bodi as Tug pilot, Robert Hart as Duty Instructor, Mike McCluskey as AEI, myself on my first day as Duty Pilot and two more of our student pilots; Mitchell Williemse and Finn Morris.


Noting the prevailing traffic, we began the day at 30, for our first launch of the day with a training flight in the Blanik for Finn with Robert. Shortly after, Mike launched from 06 for a short solo flight in the Twin before the AEF passenger arrived.   


As we were getting ready for the next launch It wasn’t long before we were joined by even more of YCAB’s resident aircraft including Kevin in his Atlas. This made getting an opportunity to launch quite difficult with lots of aircraft trying to take off and land on 30.


It wasn’t long until we were joined by our only AEF passenger for the day, Christine. Christine received the AEF flight as a birthday gift from her husband as she had been wanting to have a go in a glider for quite some time. Christine had a decent 30 minute flight with Mike who did his best to extend the flight time as much as possible. Christine even got to have a good go at the controls and from the smile on her face when she landed it looked like she enjoyed it.




After lunch, there were more training flights for Finn, Mitchell and myself in the Blanik. As no one else was using the Twin, Mike took the opportunity to go for another solo flight and take out the flight of the day at 62 minutes. Somehow he managed to find some lift in a very blue and hazy sky, even going as far as the Glasshouse Mountains.






With the heat of the day and Robert overwhelmed with sharing training flights with all three student pilots, we called an end to the day at about 2:30pm. 


Some notes for the duty crew tomorrow. One of the batteries that was placed in the Pie Cart as a spare has gone missing. If you could please look out for it that would be great. Also during our DI today of the Twin, we noted that it is getting close to one of its routine maintenance checks. As it is getting close to its annual inspection anyway, this weekend will likely be its last for some time. Hopefully good conditions for tomorrow. 


Ben Findley



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