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Friday Flying





What? Some recently discovered device, engineered to assist in reaching for the sky? Not quite, but read on.


As the crew gathered beneath yet another clear, cyan Caboolture canopy, disappearing towards the sun and beyond, this Friday was away to another hot and busy start.


With Duty Instructor, Bob Turner, doing the Blanik DI, Barry Collins the Twin Astir and John Nestor the Libelle, the IS-30 became Lindsay Mitchell’s baby as he got stuck into completing the Form 2 paperwork and inspection. Arthur Mailey would be seconded around mid morning to complete the independent DI on GQA, releasing her to fly once again.


 First flight away from R06 was the Blanik, flown by new member, Mark Morwood and Bob Turner towed aloft behind SPA with the ever capable John Knox at the controls of the Pawnee. They landed over at R12 around 15 mins later after a short but productive pre-solo training flight.


Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Fri Flying 07 Oct 2016:Mark Morwood and Bob Turner .jpg


Next to launch from R06 in IKW were Ken Mitchell and Barry Collins; they also recovered to R12 after a similar flight duration. Smooth air, short flight good company.


With the flight line now firmly planted at R12, the programme continued.

As Bob began playing musical cockpits, he and Mark launched again in GYK.  Debriefing Mark during the retrieve, Bob then strapped into the Twin to continue Paul Breslin’s pre solo training. No rest for the DI today!


They were followed by Arthur and B2 in the Twin on another smooth, liftless but enjoyable mutual flight. The views north and south under the blue sky were stunning.



Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Fri Flying 07 Oct 2016:Glasshouse Mtns from IKW.jpg Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Fri Flying 07 Oct 2016:YCAB from IKW.jpg



Now, what has any of this got to do with Lift Augmentation, you may justifiably ask. Well, the Pawnee certainly qualifies in that regard. However, the uncontrollable Sink, requiring definite and reliable Lift Augmentation, was encountered by Karl Bodi as he realised that his belt was not up to the task of maintaining the Lift necessary to ensure continued suspension of his shorts at an acceptable embarrassment-free height! Departing the thermic frivolity of the flight line motley mob, KB left in a state of semi-suspended sartorial Sink, returning a short while later with the problem sorted through surgical precision and the careful application of his now-patented zip tie Lift Augmentation System [ LAS ]..



Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Fri Flying 07 Oct 2016:KB's zip tie belt.jpg



Meanwhile, John Nestor had launched in the Libelle, wearing, of course, the club parachute. He was airborne too quickly to get any pics, returning from the now thermal-producing sky after a respectable 43 mins. During John’s flight, Lindsay called B2 from the hangar to advise that the IS-30 was now ready for his evaluation flight. SPA landed, refuelled and positioned at the hangar for a R06 launch accordingly.


Problem! Requiring a parachute for the evaluation flight, and with the club’s ‘chute already airborne, B2 headed off to locate Speedy, who graciously provided his personal ‘chute for Lindsay’s requirements. The R06 launch of GQA followed with El Presidente subsequently scoring soaring flight of the day as he finally kissed the grass at R12 an hour after launch. Pretty to watch LGM. And Speedy’s parachute was duly returned with thanks in it’s still unopened condition! A good result for all!


By now Mike Grady had arrived to take over the tug duty, with more launches following for Mark in GYK, Paul in IKW and Bob Hainsworth in the Libelle…sans parachute due to flight envelope performance and ballast considerations!


Some time during all this activity B2 and KB launched from R12 on a mutual in GYK. With B2’s AEI check flight scheduled for Sunday, Karl had decided it was his role to act the part of the nervous and frightened passenger up front. After a very short flight, during which Karl’s role-playing performance would have earned him an Oscar, the dodgy duo returned to terra firma on R06 where B2’s passenger friend, Gary Clark [ of Ding the duck, Swamp cartoon fame ] was awaiting his arrival at R06 .


Now, as fans of Swamp will be aware, Ding the duck has never succeeded in getting airborne. However, on this occasion his creator did, in the Twin, with B2 at the controls down the back. Yet another short but enjoyable flight in good company followed and Gary will be back for more in the future. Gary has suggested that we may like to check out the Swamp cartoon strip in the Sunday Mail in the future!




Incidentally, Gary is a glider pilot with around 100 hours in his logbook. You’d reckon he could pass on a little of that experience to Ding, right?


With any thermal activity now being a lot closer to that big ball of gas 93 million miles away, the last flights of the day from R06 were all reasonably short.  Jim Thompson took GQA up solo on her first post evaluation flight. Bob and Paul launched on another training flight with Paul flying a nice approach and very respectable landing in IKW. Ken then flew a short solo in the Twin to complete the day.


So, throughout the day the hangar was empty with all currently flying birds airborne on various missions. The area near the hangar took on the appearance of a scene from The Battle of Britain with the entire squadron available at dispersal.



Sixteen successful missions flown, with our own Lancaster [ IKW ] and Spitfire [ GQA ] airborne together once again, sharing the crowded sky with the Blanik, Libelle and Pawnee., as well as various powered bogies all seeking sky mastery.


Missions accomplished!


And Karl will be taking orders for his now patented LAS from those of us planning on reducing unwanted ballast in the near future.


Safe flying everyone.


Barry [ B2 ] Collins

For Friday Crew



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