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 Ekkacellent gold medal Sunday 



Well, with Garrett’s email advising zero AEFs and zero MIRs, the duty crew of Mick Moloney ( DI ), Chris Weir ( AEI ), Tony Esler ( Tuggie ) and Barry Collins

( DP ) could have been forgiven for believing they’d be in for an uneventful and sloth like day.  Joined by Tony Sorensen, Jim Thompson, Lindsay Mitchell and Rory Duncan, the day soon began to evolve into something more energetic.

With the Pawnee, Blanik and Twin all rolled out for duty, it was decided to leave the Blanik against the fence as an advertisement to the public and to fly using the Twin only.

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Resized Pics Sun 07/08/2016:2 Tonys and a Mick.jpg

Tony Sorensen, Mick Moloney and Tony Esler

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Resized Pics Sun 07/08/2016:A Tail Of Many Fitters.jpg

 Tale of a Tail

 Not long into IKW’s DI Chris picked up a possible anomaly inside the horizontal stabilizer/elevator attachment area. Enter El Presidente! With a flick and a flourish IKW’s tailplane was removed for the second time in a week ( scheduled Hotellier’s regreasing previously ) for inspection. All was well, as observed by the captivated crowd of CGC Captains, and IKW soon had her tail feathers reattached in readiness for launch.

So, with Mick and Rory to launch from the hangar over to R12, yours truly headed northwards to the R12 flight line with the pie cart. Enroute, I received a call from new member, Steve Taylor, asking if he and his daughter, Nikki, could come up to the field for some more lessons. “ Absolutely! “ was my reply as I immediately called Mick to let him know we’d be needing the Blanik after all.

Operations soon commenced with the launch of IKW on a training flight with Mick and Rory. They were followed by Chris and Tony in the Blanik, with both aircraft recovering to the R12 flight line by 1025 am.

B2 and Jim then launched on a mutual flight managing a respectable 37 min flight, which stood as flight of the day…until the final flight of the day that is! More of that later!

Chris and Tony flew off in the Blanik once again and were back in 16 mins. A further quick training flight for Rory with Mick in IKW resulted in a successful solo check, with Rory taking to the air almost immediately for his first solo in the Twin.

Chris retrieved them with the ‘restored to active service’ little white lady! 

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Resized Pics Sun 07/08/2016:Rory and Mick / Solo Check .jpg

Rory Duncan & Mick Moloney (Rory's IKW Solo Check)

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Resized Pics Sun 07/08/2016:First retrieve in eons for this little car.jpg

First retrieve in eons for this little girl

By this time Steve and Nikki Taylor had arrived and the dynamic duo of instructors, Mick and Tony, started to really earn their keep in the Blanik.

A smiling Nikki launched first with an equally smiling Mick. They were followed into the sky by Lindsay in IKW for a well deserved 19 min cobweb shaker. Nikki’s Dad, Steve, then launched with Tony on their first training flight of the afternoon.

Macintosh HD:Users:Barry:Desktop:Resized Pics Sun 07/08/2016:The Nikki and Mick Show.jpg

    The Nikki Taylor and Mick Mick Moloney "Smiling Show"       


 Barry Collins and Jim Thompson

Jim and B2 grabbed IKW for another mutual and were back after 20 mins.

Steve Taylor sandwiched between two Tonys (Sorensen and Esler) 



 Launch Controller Jim Thompson

Further training flights in the YCAB blue followed for both Steve and Nikki. Nikki had the pleasure of watching her Dad’s last launch from the other side of the airfield as Steve was stuck on a rope between the two Tonys. A fine upstanding Jim was on hand to ensure smooth and efficient launches at all times.

It was now heading towards 4:00 pm with a rapidly descending sun. So, to take advantage of the remaining good light back in the hangar the decision was made that the next launches for both aircraft would be hangar flights. Jim would accompany Rory as his pax in the Twin while Mick and Nikki would take the Blanik back to R06.

And that’s when these Lucky flyers struck gold!

As the pie cart headed back to the hangar, and the Pawnee likewise returned, those of us on the ground witnessed the most amazing Cu growing just to the north of the field….with the two gliders dancing their uplifting two-step beneath the maturing cloud accordingly.  Hangar flights! How dare they?! That’s not supposed to happen, but it did. Great stuff guys and gal!

Medal tally: flight of the day to Rory and JT with an awesome 50 mins soaring. Mick and Nikki flew a beautiful 28 mins, most of which was spent gaggling below the Twin. As Mick said shortly before we left the field “This was a great Day! “

You bet Mick.

         Hangar flight gold medal Cu


Stats for the day:

IKW: 2h 42m (7 flights)

GYK: 2h 13m (7 flights)

Longest flight:  50m (Rory and Jim in IKW)

Fly Often Fly Safely

Barry Collins



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