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Sunday Flying



Hi Everyone,


Sundays flying was a fairly good day all round, notable Even was Dale Smith going solo, after a surprise ropebreak and heavy sink on the downwind .  A very excited Dale Smith too . Congrats mate.

Pics attached of the happy flyer.


Speedy and Kevin brought GLM the Kookaburra out for a couple of flight which was good to see.


2 AEF flights and both enjoyed the flights immensly. 


There was also a large bush fire during the day across the road from the hangar area that was quite spectacular at times, I saw this rising heat used as thermalling by a couple of members which was great to watch from the ground. Garrett represented the Aero Club when he went to see fire services and it pretty much burnt itself out. A picture attached.


Thermals popped elsewhere during the day with 2 flights exceeding an hour , Garret 1.11 in the IS30 and David Higgs in the Libelle 1.19 .. I would think they could had gone longer as the conditions continued.


I finally got back in the seat with a 20 min flight after a break of 5 years,  had a nice cruisy time with tony in the back seat and all came back to me relatively quick. 


So all in all a good social days flying, 


GYK 7 flights 1Hr45min

GQA 4 flights 2hr19min

GYJ 2 flights 1hr39min

GLM 2 flights 27min


Cheers Graeme Manietta




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