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 Robertson & Robertson Saturday 


Lindsay Mitchell wasn't able to make it to the airfield today so, yesterday afternoon, I became a late replacement as Air Experience Instructor and caught up withy Tony Sorensen (Duty Instructor) and Rory Rearden (Tug Pilot) at the hangar a bit after 8.00 am. 

We had the Twin Astir (IKW), the Blanik (GYK) and the Pawnee (SPA) out when I issued my "aircraft out and ready to fly" email and facebook post with the following pic at 9:00 am.

We were only missing one thing, members to fly!

Roger and Joyce Robertson arrived for Roger's 11:00 am Air Experience Flight which ended up as an enjoyable 35 minutes (launching to 3500 ft from RWY06 and landing back on RWY24).

We were back at YCAB not long after the tug ... but then managed to find some lift around the southern side of the airfield.

With still no other punters, I took Joyce up for the second (and also last) flight of the day.

We were back on deck after 17 minutes from a 3000 ft launch (also from RWY06 and landing back on RWY24) ...

We packed the aircraft away and realised quite quickly that it is really a four-man job!

After the work was completed, the sky looked the best it had all day ... 

By the time Bert Persson and I set off for some late-lunch at around 1:30pm it was looking even better ...

When we got back to the airfield at around 2:30 pm, there were streets of clouds with cauliflower tops and dark bottoms everywhere.

in Bert's words ... "it is developing nicely now but it will be all over in an hour's time".

And unfortunately, that's just the way it turns out to be with gliding operations at YCAB on some days!

Kevin Rodda



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