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Saturday Flying



Hi all,


Well what a cracker of day.  I can’t recall the last time I was flew 2-up and had to use full airbrakes to stay under the 3,500 ft limit and the aircraft still climbing…but more on that later.


I arrived at the hanger shortly after 8am to find that Robert Hart (Duty Instructor) & Alan Graham (who dropped in for a refresher flight in the IS30) and Steve Taylor (our virgin Duty Pilot) had already dragged the blanik & IS30 out.  The forecast for the day was a scorcher.


Alan got cracking on DI’ing the IS30 whilst Robert & Steve worked on the blanik.


Dan Kershaw had the pleasure of towing us into the big blue cloud free sky all day long


The first flight was a training flight with Robert & Steve who took off from outside the hanger & landed 12 mins later on RW30 where we based our ops for the day.


Whilst I waited for my first passenger to turn up @ 11am, Robert & Steve took another blanik training flight…which was shortly followed by Alan in the IS30. The flight times were still nothing to write home.


My first passenger was a delightful gent (Trevor Scarborough) who was celebrating his 70th birthday. He also appeared to have brought a cheer squad of one person for every one of those years. Thanks to Steve & Alan for shuttling everyone back & forth!


The stinking hot conditions on the day weren’t helped by the mini-typhoon & the mouthfuls of dust.  

Fortunately it was only short lived storm before I took Trevor aloft. During our 45 min flight I was regularly flying along with the dive brakes deployed to keep us under 4,500 feet. A big smile & a text message from him that evening showed he had a great time. I arrived back on the ground to my next waiting passenger (Tim Payne) who was also celebrating a birthday & came with a smaller cheer squad of 1…

yet again, during large parts of our 45 min flight  we were flying along with dive brakes deployed to stay under 3,500 feet.  More smiles & we were back on the ground to collect to my last passenger (Anthony Fuse).

As Anthony was the last (& hanger) flight for the IS30, I extended the flight to an this stage the strong lift was slowly starting to dissipate as the sea breeze started coming through. ..but again…dive brakes were needed to keep us under 3,500 ft. Anthony’s AEF flight was the last flight of the day to land after 3pm.


Whilst I was flying passengers, Simon Hatfield (who didn’t even fly) & Peter Weir joined the crew. Peter squeezed in 2 training flights with Robert during the middle of the day.


A BIG thanks to Simon, Peter & Alan who really helped keep the flights turning around, paperwork, filling out certificates  & shuttling the endless passengers back & forth.. Steve also did a great job keeping on top of the Duty Pilot duties considering it was his first day.


Just a couple of things to add..


a reminder to our newer members that we use the big ring when launching the blanik.

And as Simon pointed out…as we were operating from RW30, the pie cart should also  be well clear ( 20m away) from the taxi way.


Lastly…a reminder for everyone…fluids, hats & sunscreen are critical  as we now enter the summer months.


I’m looking forward to when we get our mobile fridge!




Mike McCluskey





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