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 Stable sinking-air Sunday


From: Rory Rearden
Date: Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Flight Report - Sunday September 4

The Saturday sunshine and overnight westerlies had dried the YCAB surfaces just enough to let us play. Of course, the prevailing high pressure system brought with it all the stable sinking air it could muster, making clear blue skies the order of the day.

Tony Sorensen took charge as duty instructor today, flanked by duty pilot Shane Tuck, tow pilot yours truly and air experience instructor Alan Graham. As our most recently appointed AEI, today was Alan's first day in charge of our public passengers and a fine job he made of it too. Alan will no doubt bring many more smiles and inspiration to future air experience passengers!

Not long after the duty crew had assembled, young Johnny Fedorov joined us and was keen to help out. We hit an early snag with the Twin Astir's main wheel needing air but no source of air at hand. The necessary tools were sourced from elsewhere on the field by our resourceful duty crew and as soon as the Twin was signed off, we migrated to abeam the RWY12 threshold.

Shane Tuck, Johnny Fedorov and Tony Sorensen making ballast preparations for Johnny's first type solo in IKW

We first launched Tony and Johnny away into the blue at half past ten for a 16 minute check flight. Training with the Air Force Cadets, Johnny went solo in gliders at Warwick only a few weeks ago and his objective today was to make his first on-type checkout. Tony was duly impressed with Johnny and we had our first milestone for the day as Johnny departed in command of IKW for two solo flights of 21 and 14 minutes. We hope to see Johnny return to Caboolture again soon. His airmanship and contribution to operations for the day were well appreciated by everyone.

Air Cadet Johnny Fedorov making an exemplary touchdown in IKW for his first on-type solo

As always at Caboolture, we were aeronautically spoilt at the pie cart. We were treated to a procession of gorgeous powered taildraggers with a replica Focke-Wulf 190, the classic C-140 taildragger, the resident Tiger Moth and the Flying Signs fleet out for a formation clinic with formation take offs and initial and pitches all day long!

AEF passenger Jim Orchard being briefed by AEI Alan Graham

We pushed on with our own CGC aviating as James "Jim" Orchard arrived early to make his second AEF at CGC in 12 years and be Alan Graham's first AEF ever. Jim and Alan went to 3500' and spent 28 minutes mostly over the east of the field, enjoying perfect visibility from mountains to sea. Jim also spends his spare time aloft, albeit as volunteer crew on tall ships (namely The South Passage based at Manly). Accordingly, and sporting a broad smile on return with Alan, Jim said that transitioning from sailing to sailplanes would be the ideal progression!

Tony, Johnny and Shane manning the pie cart for the day

The final launch of the day was a currency check flight for our duty pilot Shane Tuck. After 20 minutes aloft, Shane made a graceful landing on RWY24 to get the tick of approval from Tony. 

We had the hangar doors closed before 3pm but today's CGC activities extended well beyond the flight line. Bert and Speedy spent the day working tirelessly on the IS-28, getting her ready for a much anticipated return to the sky. What a tremendous effort, gentlemen! Many thanks to all those contributing to the maintenance of the CGC fleet. Owing to your ongoing efforts, another Romanian sailplane will soon be available to CGC pilots!


Another tug pilot losing his wit - paranoid that he needs to keep a better eye on glider pilots, this tuggie has pioneered the reverse aerotow stance when flying

So, another fulfilling day for CGC members at the field with the Twin achieving 1 hour and 39 minutes of flight time in 5 flights with 5 people getting to fly her.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the field again soon.

Rory Rearden 


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