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Friday Flying



With RASP indicating some good lift early but all over by lunchtime, the Friday regulars had the gliders out and DI’d almost before the dew had dried off the flowers. And some of us even had time to celebrate the poetic beauty of our kind of flying.



And RASP seemed to be right - Barry McCarthy and Jim Thompson got 27 minutes from the day’s second launch at 09:16. Their flight time was in line with the duty instructor’s edict that all flights be limited to 30 minutes in order to spread the lift around among the 12 flying members at the field.


It was also intended to be a repositioning flight from 06 to 30, but those plans changed when we noticed how close some earthmoving machinery was operating to that runway. A quick radio call had GQA landing back at our revised flight line on 06 - where for once the powered traffic followed!


John Nestor put the RASP prediction beyond doubt with the third launch at 09:34 - 2 hours plus in GJY, much of it at 4,500’ and some of it at 100kt in his attempt to get back down!



GYK and GQA followed with 41 minutes each for Tony Sorensen/Mark Morwood and Barry McCarthy/Ken Mitchell, all claiming the same “couldn’t find enough sink” excuse for flouting the 30 minute rule. In the face of such honest pleading, the duty instructor bent enough to tell Barry Collins and Judith Smith that they could have 30 minutes each on the next launch. And that’s exactly what they did with 60 minutes neat in the Blanik, landing at 12:09.



And that, as predicted, was the end of the super soaring. Bob Hainsworth got the best of the afternoon with 24 minutes on the Club Libelle’s second and final flight. Shane Tuck got only 17 minutes on his currency check. Kevin Rodda was back surprisingly early from a self-launch in GHG. And Jim and B1 fell almost ten minutes short of their morning performance on the last flight for GQA.


The afternoon continued with short training/check flights for Mark with Tony and Richard Thresher with Garrett Russell - one being an extremely short experience for Mark and the first flight to be marked “SRB” for simulated rope break on Kevin’s new formula flight sheet!


Even so the day finished with just over 7 hours for the club’s three gliders:

GYK 8 flights 2:53

GQA 4 flights 1:45

GJY 2 flights 2:27


All towed by Mike Grady in the morning and Karl Bodi in the afternoon.



And of course, being a Friday, there were tyre problems. The only difference this Friday was that for most of the pumping and wrestling with wayward valves, Jim Thompson was not anywhere to be seen because he was in the air!








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