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 A tale of Two Days at YCAB


From: Garrett Russell  
Date: Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 7:49 PM
Subject: A Tale of Two Days at CGC
To: CGC Members  

The Friday crew welcomed Spring with a four aircraft flight line and a total time of 3:42 in club gliders.


Saturday was a non-event for flying, as you probably already know, but not for other member activities.


Friday's fourth aircraft after GYK, IKW and SPA was Robert Zmeskalís Super Dimona GHM, seen here taxying out for some circuit practice in the gusty and variable winds which kept flight times low and pilots on their toes. Flight of the day went to Barry Collins with a 49 minute solo in the Twin launched around the YCAB thermal witching hour of 11:00.

Next best times were 26 and 25 minutes on training flights for Paul Breslin with Barry McCarthy and Garrett Russell, followed by 20 minutes for Judith Smith completing her AFR with spinmeister Tony Sorensen.

Bob Hainsworth came close with a 19 minute solo in the Blanik, but there was no bouncing off any ceiling this week!

The flights got even shorter following a stiff crosswind-induced change from RWY30 to 06, with the last launch being a site check flight for new member Simon Hatfield. Prior to that John Nestor continued his growing acquaintance with the back seat of IKW, but only after the duty instructor had attended to other airfield duties.

Another day in the office for multi-tasking Garrett Russell, signing aero club cheques before taking off with John Nestor

And that concluded Friday with a total of 11 flights, not counting Dimona circuits, which leads us to Ö

Ö Saturday presented grass so damp that the kangaroos felt comfortable colonising the runways before the duty crew arrived. And they didnít mind being photographed.

Nor did the duty crew when they adjourned to the Golden Wings Pilot Lounge for a coffee.

Cancellation of Saturday flying DID have one great advantage - it allowed me time to go up to Nambour Hospital and check in with Barry McCarthy, who shocked us overnight with news of his urgent admission. B1 had left the airfield early on Friday with a painfully sore back, which turned out by later on Friday to be the result of a big kidney stone!

At the time of writing he is undergoing a surgical procedure which could have him back home tomorrow.

The Friday and Saturday crews all wish Barry a quick recovery to his usual bright and happily pain-free self.

Get well soon, Baz!
Garrett Russell
DUTY INSTRUCTOR (Friday and Saturday)


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