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Friday Flying




I arrived at the field to find the Blanik towed over to a hanger 7 for Bert to work on the split fuselage near the tail, there it remained all day until it was finally put inside as the last job of the day. With Bob Turner as level 2 assisted by Tony Sorensen and Barry McCarthy, with Karl Bodi driving the tug all day, most of the usual suspects excepting Judith had got out the IS30 and IS28. Also present were Daniel Berndt, a pre solo AAFC pilot, and his mother who after a while left Daniel in our capable hands  and went shopping. Obviously a productive day for her because when she was called back to collect Daniel she was armed with Donuts for everyone.


I considered getting out the Libelle but decided to wait to see how the day developed, and also because it seemed likely that we would soon be returning to 06 when the wind made up its mind to agree with the forecast. Flights started with an AFR for Arthur Mailey by Bob Turner while Tony took QA up with I think Mark Morwood, both landing on 30. I'm afraid the snapshot of the flight sheet was rather blurred. Barry took Daniel up in QA for what turned out to be the flight of the day at 47 minutes, while B2 and myself launched immediately the tug returned in CQC. Try as we may to join QA, even trying the same cloud from 1600 feet, well below them, we could not stay airborne for more than 20 minutes. On landing we were retrieved to 06 were we spent the rest of the day. Apart from the second flight by Barry and Daniel of 23 minutes nobody else beat 20 minutes and the Libelle stayed in the hangar. Paul Breslin, Shane Tuck and Ken Mitchell all flew while B2 tried again on his own and Daniel had 3 flights in all, the last one giving him a taste of the IS28. 12 flights in all totalling about 3 hours 30.


It would be much appreciated by all if whoever removed the batteries (2 x AA ) from the pie cart clock would return to the field with new ones and install them. They can then waste about 30 minutes of their doubtless valuable time struggling to understand the instructions for resetting the time and returning this useful piece of equipment to service.


Many thanks in anticipation.


Daniel familiarising himself with the IS28



 Bob Hainsworth




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