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Caboolture Gliding Club

Soar like an eagle on silent wings in a friendly, cooperative club atmosphere from our base at Caboolture Airfield on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast. New members and visitors are always welcome.

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Welcome to the Caboolture Gliding Club web site. CGC operates one of the most accessible  gliding sites in Queensland. We also offer glider pilot training. We look forward to seeing you at our friendly airfield flight line soon. 


Friday 29-Aug-14: Caboolture Airfield
Saturday 30-Aug-14: Caboolture Airfield
 Sunday 31-Aug-14: Caboolture Airfield
Friday 05-Sep-14: Caboolture Airfield 
  Saturday 06-Sep-14: Caboolture Airfield
 Sunday 07-Sep-14: Caboolture Airfield 

Lindsay Mitchell


"3500 feet up in the IS-28"

 Pilot: Chris Weir / Videography: Ben Murray (Air Experience Flight passenger)



"Soaring above Caboolture in the Club Libelle"

 Pilot: David Higgs / Videography: Simon Descovich


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> Friday flying (08-Aug-14)
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> New van Friday (01-Aug-14)
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