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Soar like an eagle on silent wings in a friendly, cooperative club atmosphere from our base at Caboolture Airfield on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast. New members and visitors are always welcome.

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Welcome to the Caboolture Gliding Club web site. CGC operates one of the most accessible  gliding sites in Queensland. We also offer glider pilot training. We look forward to seeing you at our friendly airfield flight line soon. 


 Friday 13Oct17 - Caboolture Airfield
Saturday 14Oct17 - Caboolture Airfield
Sunday 15Oct17 - Caboolture Airfield
 Friday 20Oct17 - Caboolture Airfield  
 Saturday 21Oct17 - Caboolture Airfield  
Sunday 22Oct17 - Caboolture Airfield  

Garrett Russell




"3500 feet up in the IS-28"

"Soaring Caboolture in the Libelle"

 Pilot: Chris Weir / Videography: Ben Murray

 Pilot: David Higgs / Videography: Simon Descovich


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Gliding operations reports, stories, photos and articles ...
Friday flying (06-Oct-17)
An Olympic day at YCAB  (01-Oct-17)
Saturday flying (30-Sep-17)
Confusion Friday (29-Sep-17)
Sunday flying (24-Sep-17)
Friday flying (22-Sep-17)
Where was everyone? (17-Sep-17)
Day of the few Friday (15-Sep-17)
2017 John Sharman Award
AEF Happy Saturday  (09-Sep-17)
G Wings Friday  (08-Sep-17)
Fathers day flying  (03-Sep-17)
Research Saturday  (02-Sep-17)
Gympie gold Wednesday, Caboolture lead Friday  (01-Sep-17)
Summer like Sunday (27-Aug-17)
Satuday flying  (26-Aug-17)
Flat Tyre Friday (25-Aug-17)
Sunday report  (20-Aug-17)
Saturday (non) flying report  (19-Aug-17)
Ekka wind Friday  (18-Aug-17)
Saturday report  (12-Aug-17)
It's great to be back in the Air (11-Aug-17)
Magnificant 7's Friday (21-July-17)
Scrappy Saturday  (15July-17)
Friday Flying (14-July-17)
A cool and clear Sunday (02-July-17)
New Financial Year flying  (01-July-17)
Little big day at CGC  (30-June-17)
Maintenance Saturday  (17-June-17)
XQ Saturday (12-June-17)
Barry's and Ken's welcome back to flying friday  (09-June-17)
Sunday flying  (04-June-17)
Passenger Saturday at CGC  (03-June-17)
Paul's Blue (and Red Letter) day (02-June-17)
Just Another sunny Sunday (28-May-17)
Busy Saturday & IS-28 news (27-May-17)
Two first solos (26-May-17)
Moist Saturday (13-May-17)
A rather uninspiring Friday (12-May-17)
Salubrious Sunday (7-May-17)
Saturday at two airfields (6-May-17)
Friday Flying (5-May-17)
Sunday Flying  (30-Apr-17)
Easter Sunday  (16-Apr-17)
Easter Saturday flying (15-Apr-17)
funny deals diary (09-Apr-17)
Saturday flying  (08-Apr-17)
Friday in pictures  (07-Apr-17)
Sunday Flying  (02-Apr-17)
Saturday flying - one less glider in the hangar now  (01-Apr-17)
Sunday Gliding (26-Mar-17)
A Second ground work as much as flying day  (25-Mar-17)
The Friday we all got tanked (24-Mar-17)
Short Saturday (18-Mar-17)
An unexpected Friday (17-Mar-17)
Sunday Report (12-Mar-17)
Saturday at the Caboolture - some work and some play (11-Mar-17)
> Friday Flying (10-Mar-17)
> Hot & Steamy Sunday (05-Mar-17)
> 15 Flight Saturday (04-Mar-17)
 > Father and Son Sunday (26-Feb-17)
 > College Flying Saturday (25-Feb-17)
 > Friday Flying  (24-Feb-17)
> Container Clearance Saturday (18-Feb-17)
> Sunday Flying  (05-Feb-17)
> Saturday Flying  (04-Feb-17)
> Twin Back Friday (03-Feb-17)
> (not much Flying) Friday (27-Jan-17)
> Sunday flying (22-Jan-17)
 > Another hot saturday flying  (21-Jan-17)
> More spectators than flyers  (20-Jan-17)
> The Best Men's Shed Sunday  (15-Jan-17)
> Torrid Saturday @ CGC  (14-Jan-17)
> New member Friday  (13-Jan-17)
> Family "Corporate" Day at CGC  (11-Jan-17)
> First Sunday of 2017  (08-Jan-17)
 > First Ops for the New Year at CGC  (06-Jan-17)
 > Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017  (31-Dec-16)
> Almost the last flying day of the year  (30-Dec-16)
 > Monday Flyers  (26-Dec-16)
 > pre-christmas corporate day  (23-Dec-16)
 > Flying Ops Sunday (18-Dec-16)
> 2 Remarkable Flights Friday (16-Dec-16)
> Sunday Flying (11-Dec-16)
> Saturday Flying (10-Dec-16)
> Friday Flying (09-Dec-16)
> Member Achievements  (07-Dec-16)
> Sunday Flying (04-Dec-16)
> Solar Saturday (03-Dec-16)
> Saturday - sign of the times (03-Dec-16)
> Another hot Friday (02-Dec-16)
> Flying Sunday (27-Nov-16)
> No fly Saturday (26-Nov-16)
> Caboolture Week @ DDSC (25-Nov-16)
> First Friday with CQC back (25-Nov-16)
> First time Duty Pilot Sunday (20-Nov-16)
> Saturday Flying (19-Nov-16)
> Shorthand Friday (18-Nov-16)
 > Sweltering Sunday (13-Nov-16)
> Hot and Dusty Friday (11-Nov-16)
> Bushfire Sunday (6-Nov-16)
 > Airbrake Saturday (5-Nov-16)
 > Seven Hours of Friday Flying (4-Nov-16)
 > Sunday wheels and wings  (30-Oct-16)
> Tyring Friday (28-Oct-16)
> Sunday grey Slope Sleighing (23-Oct-16)
> Seminar Saturday (22-Oct-16)
> Friday Dreaming (21-Oct-16)
> Sunday Flying (16-Oct-16)
> Saturday Flying (15-Oct-16)
> Cross Wind Friday (14-Oct-16)
> Instructor Heavy Sunday at CGC (09-Oct-16)
> Scorching Saturday (08-Oct-16)
> Lift augmentation Friday (07-Oct-16)
> Crazy Friday  (30-Sep-16)
> Spring is sprung, the grass is ris. I wonder where the birdies is  (24-Sep-16)
> Long March Friday at CGC (23-Sep-16)
> Sunday Flying (11-Sep-16)
> 2016 Annual General Meeting (10-Sep-16)
> 2016 John Sharman Award (10-Sep-16)
> No coffee Saturday (10-Sep-16)
> Grounded Friday (09-Sep-16)
> Stable sinking-air Sunday (05-Sep-16)
> A tale of Two Days at YCAB (04-Sep-16)
> Hat-trick Sunday (28-Aug-16)
> Three runway Saturday (27-Aug-16)
> More new members - the Taylors (27-Aug-16)
> Bouncing off the ceiling Friday (26-Aug-16)
> Easiest Duty Pilot day ever (21-Aug-16)
> New member Mitchell Willemse (20-Aug-16)
> Pleasant and safe flying (20-Aug-16)
> The long and the short of it (19-Aug-16)
> CGC/GFA Prices & Fees Update (20-Aug-16)
> Non-flying Sunday (14-Aug-16) 
> New Member Saturday (13-Aug-16) 
> A parade of Champions (12-Aug-16)
> Preliminary Friday Report (12-Aug-16) 
> Ekkacellent gold medal Sunday (07-Aug-16)
> Robertson & Robertson Saturday (06-Aug-16)
> Bromance Friday at CGC (05-Aug-16)
> 3hrs 18mns and not one cloud! (31-Jul-16)
> Five beautiful and safe flights (30-Jul-16)
> Alan Graham - Air Experience Instructor (31-Jul-16)
> The wild blue yonder (29-Jul-16)
> Busy, blue Sunday (24-Jul-16)
> Strong winds Saturday (23-Jul-16)
> Octopus Friday (22-Jul-16)
> Bert Persson - GFA Unsung Hero (22-Jul-16)
> De-hire containers Monday (18-Jul-16)
> "Yes, we did fly" Sunday (17-Jul-16)
> Bert Persson's 60 years in aviation (16-Jul-16)
> Anniversary Friday at YCAB (15-Jul-16)
> 13 flight Saturday (09-Jul-16)
> Couldn't contain themselves Friday (08-Jul-16)
> Post election day blues (03-Jul-16)
> Election Day OPTIMISTS (02-Jul-16)
> "Swap ends" Friday at YCAB (01-Jul-16)
> FY16 EOFY last flying day (26-Jun-16)
> Crowdy, not Cloudy, Saturday (25-Jun-16)
> Saturday birthday flying (18-Jun-16)
> Productive Friday at CGC (17-Jun-16)
> CGC/GFA Prices & Fees Update (13-Jun-16)
> First Sunday from the New Hangar (12-Jun-16)
> First Ops from the New Hangar (11-Jun-16)
> Weekend Flyers - Access to new New Hangar (10-Jun-16)
> Our last day under wraps (10-Jun-16)
> In the home straight (08-Jun-16)
> There WAS lift at Caboolture today! (05-Jun-16)
> In case you were wondering why we cancelled today (03-Jun-16)
> CGC annual membership renewal (03-Jun-16)
> GFA membership renewal options (03-Jun-16)
> Westerly 24 Sunday (29-May-16)
> Windy blue Saturday (28-May-16)
> Friday on RWY24 (27-May-16)
> GFA Safety Seminar Report (26-May-16)
> New member - Finn Morris (21-May-16)
> Constructive Friday at CGC (20-May-16)
> Hangar frame reaches skywards! (20-May-16)
> Mixed bag Saturday at YCAB (14-May-16)
> Friday 13th flying and other associated activities! (13-May-16)
> "Two becomes six" Sunday (08-May-16)
> "Another new member" Saturday (07-May-16)
> A Friday in May - Photo Supplement (06-May-16)
> A Friday in May - Report (06-May-16)
> "Wings-on, Wings-off" Monday (02-May-16)
> Two new CGC members during April (01-May-16)
> Perseverance Saturday at YCAB (30-Apr-16)
> Another single digit Friday (29-Apr-16)
> An experience every pilot should have (27-Apr-16)
> ANZAC Weekend at YCAB (24-Apr-16)
> Hangar footings and office/workshop slab (24-Apr-16)
> TAVAS Saturday at YCAB (23-Apr-16)
> Pre-airshow Friday (22-Apr-16)
> CGC hangar progress (21-Apr-16)
> Three out of four Sunday (17-Apr-16)
> Who was that in the Mustang? (16-Apr-16)
> Will we, won't we? (15-Apr-16)
> Five finger Sunday (10-Apr-16)
> And also a one finger Saturday (09-Apr-16)
> Another one finger Friday (08-Apr-16)
> Saturday - not quite Son of Friday (02-Apr-16)
> The April Fools Day joker was the sky (01-Apr-16)
> Site ready for hangar erection (31-Mar-16)
> Speedy's recent K6 flights (27-Mar-16)
> Easter Saturday flying (26-Mar-16)
> A very GOOD Friday (25-Mar-16)
> Mark Thompson's final glide (25-Mar-16)
> Parting of the clouds Sunday (20-Mar-16)
> Saturday of Air Experience Flights (19-Mar-16)
> Shockingly big Friday for CGC (18-Mar-16)
> Friday flying (not) (11-Mar-16)
> Mark Thompson: very sad news (07-Mar-16)
> Hot and cloudy Sunday (06-Mar-16)
> YBBB Saturday at YCAB (05-Mar-16)
> Magnafix Friday (04-Mar-16)
> More short flights Sunday (28-Feb-16)
> CGC Hangar - it's official (28-Feb-16)
> A new Duty Pilot Saturday (27-Feb-16)
> To be or knot to be Friday(s) (26-Feb-16)
> Broken thermals Sunday (21-Feb-16)
> On/Off/On Saturday (20-Feb-16)
> Optimistic Friday at CGC (19-Feb-16)
> Hunter Valley Vintage Rally (15-Feb-16)
> Big-hearted Sunday at YCAB (14-Feb-16)
> Barry Collins goes solo (12-Feb-16)
> Four flats Friday (12-Feb-16)
> Let there be LET for the let - Part 2 (08-Feb-16)
> Let there be LET for the let! (30-Jan-16)
> Daniel Rae goes solo! (24-Jan-16)
> Hot and humid Sunday (24-Jan-16)
> Quiet little Saturday (23-Jan-16)
> Another hot Friday (22-Jan-16)
> Early report on a short Sunday (17-Jan-16)
> A most unusual first glider flight (15-Jan-16)
> Changeable Friday (15-Jan-16)
> Sunday with Potential (10-Jan-16)
> Big passenger Saturday (09-Jan-16)
> 2016 has a sunny Friday (08-Jan-16)
> Jim Thompson goes solo! (08-Jan-16)
> A flying Friday? (04-Jan-16)
> A great start to 2016 (02-Jan-16)
> Last flying day of 2015 (28-Dec-15)
> 20 flight Sunday before Christmas (20-Dec-15)
> A stinker of a Friday (11-Dec-15)
> Articles Index (prior items)
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